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Wonderful Inflatable gymnastics air track mat

Author:yolloy factory Date:2018-12-27 16:29:33
Safe, fun, multi-functional, portable, durable. Incredible! Air track mats are rapidly becoming standard equipment in gyms all across the world. From gymnastics to parkour, from Kung-Fu class to physiotherapy,air track mats are great equipment for a wide variety of sports.More and more people will have a blast using Air track mat to level up their skills!



It is for professional gymnastics air track 
air track surface is completely flat and hard , like a tumbling floor, not a bouncer ,no disturbing noise and less energy, very stable and resistant to high pressure.


Our inflatable air track mats is sealed,you don't need to blower run continuously ,you can blow up it with pump for 10 minutes ,closed well and strong , the air won't escape and can keep all the time unless you deflate it.
we can do velcro on air track,for that you can  connect more pieces together.
The inflatable track escapes the disadvantages of low density, low safety, thin thickness and low use range.

Our inflatable track uses a new study of zero density, durable and non-deformable, brushed fabric, cushioning impact damage,the inflatable track has a thick design, 10cm,15cm,20cm protection is extremely strong, safe and stable and quick rebound, pay attention to human comfort, relieve strong impact, comfortable and soft, make the human body more comfortable in many sports.The inflatable run has a good stable anti-slip effect, and the special material of the inflatable track has good friction with the human skin.

Relatively light and easily setup in the gym.
Can be placed on any floor.
The required blower is very light.
Pressure is easily customised within seconds.
Inflating and deflating is done in within 5 minutes.
No noise during training's because continuous inflation is not required.
After inflation, mat will maintain its pressure for hours, refill only takes seconds.
Easily portable from gym to gym. Simply roll up and it will be small enough to fit in the back of your car.
The takeoff is soft, which helps prevent injuries.
The rebound on air makes you jump higher and grants more precious air-time to work on your technique.
Jumps can be repeated more often with less chance of overuse injuries than on traditional training equipment.