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Great fun inflatable mechanical bull

Author:Yolloy inflatables Date:2019-5-23 17:19:37
We are produce the BEST mechanical bull ! You don’t have to be a rodeo professional to ride our mechanical bull either.  The mechanical bull ride starts out slow then gets faster, so get prepared for the ride of a lifetime.  For safety reasons we always provide a trained attendant to operate the mechanical bull.


About our deluxe mechanical bull, our bull body has a unique sofolex soft foam safety head. Safety is paramount, so the deluxe Mechanical Bull Rental is fitted with an automatic stop sensor.  As soon as the rider falls, the bull stops instantly. What sets this Mechanical Bull rental apart from the rest is the level of theming. There are six pre-set automatic competition levels, which are linked to two LED time clocks.  The LED timer is great for bull riding competitions. You can make private use or rent business in your local,our mechanical bull can indoors or outdoors. 

Each one of our mechanical bulls are guaranteed to be the safest and highest quality equipment available, as we provide high quality mechanical bulls.

We are  proud to offer one of the  BEST mechanical bulls.The mechanical bulls easy to play and are designed for 12-60 year old peoples.Once you get prepared for the ride ,there is only one thing left to do is have some fun!