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What need to attention in the Inflatable Amusement Equipment

Author:yolloy inflatable factory Date:2019-3-12 15:56:57
1. Please take off your shoes and enter the premises.

2. Large inflatable recreational facilities are suitable for 3 12 children, under 8 years of age need to be accompanied by parents to play.

3. Please do not carry any hard material such as metal to enter the site, so as to avoid stabbing yourself or others.

4. Do not eat any food in the site, so as to avoid bouncing and causing the card throat, food into the nasal cavity and other accidents.

5. Play on the edge of the site do not jump outward, lest jump out of the site accident.

6. Attention to site health.

7. Moderate play in patients with heart disease and heart-brain disease.

8. Game entertainment, security is important.

9. When the children in the inside too much, do not let other children in, to avoid inflatable toys load, to extend the life of inflatable toys.