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How to repair Inflatable Games

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-4-11 13:59:14
All the products are stay inflated by electric-powered blower. Electrical blower is constantly blowing air into the them, and air escapes through porous, small punctures and seams along stitchings. You may hear whistles when air escapes out of the inflatable bounce house, or even see air bubbles in water slide. This is perfectly normal. As long as the product is stay inflated with constantly blowing air blower, you do NOT have to repair your inflatable. They are designed to loose some air, otherwise the bouncer may pop when kids jump on it.
In order to prevent the risk of demage to your goods, please refer sfe rule. 

What happens if the inflatable does not stay inflated with constantly blowing air blower? You'll need to repair the tears with tear aids, or stitchings. Most products come with patches and repair kits. If you do not have a repair kit, you may find a patch kit in store. To repair tears on an inflatable, please follow the simple steps below.

1.Cut out the patch that is larger and longer than the tearing place . 

2.The patch must be cut in a circle or have rounded eges to prevent peeling. 

3.Make sure the area is properly cleaned.clear water or Rubbing alcohol may be used to clean a teared surface. DO NOT use chlorine based cleanser or bleach to clean an Inflatable Game, as this may damage the threaded seams and fire resistance of the vinyl. 

4.SEALED METHOD, apply the glue on back of the patch and apply it over the puncture and press firmly to botain proper adhesion. ps:many shipping company are not accept to ship the glue , so it is better to the store to buy some glue special for the viny, if have no this kind glue , then check if or not have the glue special for rubber.(if just a very very small hole, maybe a bicycle repair kit patch can helps you, but the best is also usd same material and the special glue )

SEW METHOD, you may sew the tear or hole with a patch using strong thread. Read owner's manual to see if you can sew tears or holes. if have the same mechine can sew the PVC tarpaulin and PVC tarpaulin together , it is will be best.if have not , try to use needle use hand .
Once repair is complete specially when use the SEALED METHOD, do not inflate the Bounce House for at least 3 hours. 
if you feel the repaired place not so beautiful, then you can make some beautiful printing on it .