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How To Buy The Best Inflatable Toys For Little Kids

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-6 11:32:37

The inflatable toys are more than just the simple playthings. They need to be fun, and moreover, they should be age-appropriate for your child/children, as well as stimulating and safe for game. It is very important from several points of view - in the mental, physical, social and emotional development of every child. However, how to buy the most appropriate inflatable toy for your kids according to their age? Well, it will be given some proposals, which inflatable item best suits for every age – from toddlers and young children to teenage years. Of course, this is not a strict rule, so that a certain item can be used by kids of different ages. What's more, some of these toys are also suitable for grown ups, not only for kids. 

With a lot of different choices on the market, the shopping for the right inflatable toy can be an overwhelming undertaking for parents. I hope that the following content will help you to choose age-appropriate toys/items that will bring a great joy to your children. Give your children a new toy and you have got the happy kids! The young children are mainly not fussy when it comes to kids toys, however, their parents should be. You can see a wide range of inflatable toys that are good for all ages at these pages: 






Let's start with inflatable toys for the youngest children – babies and toddlers up to two years of age. If you think that there is no inflatable product for such small children, you are wrong! I will show you one inflatable product, which is perfect for the very young children. It is small inflatable bouncer with a laminated PVC sheet. This bouncer is made of non-toxic and soft fabric and hence it is good for sensitive children's skin. It is designed just for the little kids. There are two main colors yellow and red, but it may be customized according to your needs. This is very important because colorfulness has a positive effect on every child. Also, the size is adjusted to toddlers. This beautiful bouncer has 4 x 3 x 3m area for playing. Just to mention that the size can be customized according to your living space. Therefore, it is ideal for indoor space and you will be able to accommodate it somewhere in your home. Although it is pretty small, there is enough place for three little kids to play at the same time. It is a great matter for the parents who have several young children. What about the security of this bouncer? You do not have to worry about that, because this product is made of very durable material, and in addition, it is protected with mesh from all sides. So, there is no chance that your child falls out. This allows you to put your child into a bouncer and leave the room for a few minutes if you have some urgent job. 

                                      Mini inflatable backyard bouncy house for kids

The next inflatable toy is primarily intended for the kids between 2 and 4 years of age. It should be a middle-sized inflatable slide bouncer. So, if you have children in this age, it will be perfect toy for them. This bouncer has some similarities with the previous bouncer in terms of shape and size, but the design is completely different. It is colored in nice color and there is also a small slide in its construction. Therefore, it provides more possibilities for the game, and can be used in several different ways. While some kids jump inside the bouncing area, others can enjoy the slide at the same time. No doubt, the kids will be very happy when they play inside. Actually, when they want to enter the bouncer, they must climb up the slide, and the exit also leads across the slide. It will be very interesting for the little ones. Since it is a toy for young children, the protective mesh is all around the bouncer in order to provide a full security. Even better, this inflatable bouncer can be used either indoor or outdoors. 

                                      bouncy castle slides house hire for kids fun

Which inflatable toy is suitable for the kids between 4-7 age? In this age, the choice is the greatest. However, I would point out one big inflatable toy, which is designed as Combo Bouncy Slide. Yes, this is three in one toy. This large item consists of a slide, a combo area, and a swimming pool. So, the kids can play with three different toys at the same time and have a lot of fun. Therefore, you must have an appropriate electric pump to inflate such a big playing field. Don't be afraid because of its size, it is pretty easy to set up and install. Also, this product is easy to carry when it is deflated and packed properly. Just place it at some appropriate place in your yard, inflate it with an electric pump, and the game can begin. 

                                      kids combo inflatable pool slides with bouncer

If you have the children 7-12 year old age, the choice is quite big. There are so different inflatable toys suitable just for those kids. Inflatable pool slides will be the best choice for them, especially if you have your own swimming pool. One of the most favorite slides of that ilk is inflatable sponge bob water slide. All you need to do is to install it it, and your kids will have a great fun during the hot days. The inflatable pool slides are available in a wide range of different designs, so you need to consult with your kids before buying. Bear in mind that these products can be customized in terms of shape, color and size. The kids in the mentioned age like to make the parties, so they will be able to make the pool parties with their friends at home all summer long. What's more, this large toy is not only for the kids. With this magnificent pool slide, their parents can also act like the children, and it will be a perfect therapy for them after stressful jobs. One thing is certain, the whole family will get a brand new life with this product in the summer period. 

                                      inflatable sponge bob water slide

On the other side, teens (above 13 years of age) require something special that is adrenaline full and provide a great fun all the time. The clear inflatable dancer bubble ball is perfect for them. It can be used in two different ways. First calmer option, is to use it for walking on the water surface such as swimming pool, lake, a quiet river, and the like. There is a zipper that you must buckle to the end after entering into a ball, and the water will not be able to get in. On the other hand, it can be used for crazy “running” on the water. In this second case, you need to attach the water ball for some motorboat, which will tow you at high speed along a river. No need for panic. It is a completely safe activity and the violations are not possible. Of course, these balls are made of transparent fabric (PVC and tarpaulin), which allows you to see the environment. In addition, this material is very durable and waterproof. 

                                      clear inflatable dancer bubble ball