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A new kind of game for kids----the King of mountain inflatable interactive game

Author:yolloy inflatable factory Date:2018-10-25 14:15:37
Playing the same games with other kids for a long time, it will make you kids feel boring and have no interest in those games anymore. As a result, kids have no games to play will cause them kick up a row all day and they want to stay in their parents side all day. This will affect their parents’ daily work and not good for the kids growth.


There will be a new kind of inflatable sport games appear in kids life now, it is the king of the mountain. What is king of mountain? And the king of mountain is also called king of hill. As it show in the picture, the king of hill is the largest moonwalk in our company. It is a large inflatable square with a large inflatable hill in the center and there are also some guardrails around the hill. Made with the best PVC tarps, the inflatable king of the mountain are durable and soft. So, don’t worry that your kids will get hurt during the game or this big toy will be broken in a short time. And its size is huge enough for ten kid to get on it at the same time. 

How to play king of the mountain is also a problem for parents. Now, let me introduce the method to set this inflatable sport game. First, you must put this big toy on a large flat ground. Second, you should link it with the air blowers to fill some air in it to make it plump up. However, you can not make the hill too summon because too summon is not well for kids to play with it. Third, just let you kids get on it, the game can begin now. 

The rule of this inflatable arena is as follow:

Kids should challenge their friends to race them to the top and bounce around the tip while trying to make their friends slip to the bottom without pushing or shoving their friends, just bouncing can make their friends fall into the bottom. It may be hard for kids to achieve this, but when they had play with it for some times, they will find out the secret of success to arrival the top. I think king of the hill is a good game for kids to strength their brain’s development. When they are playing the game, they should use their brain to think how to arrival at the top of the inflatable hill first. What’s more, this can help them form a habit of thinking.