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The 5 Biggest Inflatable Slides You Have Ever Seen

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-6-30 15:22:11
A lot of young children find the inflatable slides are very amusing and they like playing with them. These slides are suitable for the kids of all ages, but also for the adults. On the market, you can see a wide range of different slides of that ilk, and they range from small to huge slides. The huge slide are especially interesting for little kids because they have a plenty of space for game and look impressively.

In this text, you can see 5 large inflatable slides you have probably never seen so far. Aside from these five, we sell the other inflatable commercial slides you should also consider. Just check them all out:http://www.yolloy.net/Commercial-Inflatable-Slides/.

Big Rooster Inflatable Slide for event party Commercial grade PVC tarpaulin inflatable big slide with the following dimensions; 13 mL X 9mW X 10 mH. The colors can be customized. This huge toy is perfect for the amusement parks as well as for the outdoor events and parties. The kids can jump and slide under the big inflatable rooster on the top with the spread wings. Therefore, it is very impressive and attract the attention. In the package, you will also get the repair kits and blower to set it up.

                                      Big Rooster Inflatable Slide for event party

Batman inflatable slide with obstacles course combo All kids like batman, especially the boys. Thus, they will also like this Batman inflatable slide. It is not just the slide, but the complex toy that consists of obstacle courses, jumping area, and a combo. All these toys are composed of one set. The size is 11.4mL X 5mW X 6.5mH and the weight is only 390 kg. It is a quite interesting and spacious slide, since up to 30 kids can use it at a time. What's more, the price is very affordable!

                                       batman inflatable slide with obstacles course combo

Giant inflatable Kraken Wow slide with large octopus This is surely one of the most unusual inflatable toys in our store. It is designed as a ship which sinks because the giant octopus pushes it down. Both the octopus and ship are amazing visuals, as it looks like a scene from the Hollywood science fiction movies. As for the size, this large slide is 2mL X 5mW X 4.5mH. Can you imagine being in such a strange slide? The kids will be amazed!!!

                                       Giant inflatable Kraken Wow slide with large octopus

Alien invasion large inflatable slide This is also a large slide that looks like the stuff from science fiction movies. Actually, it is shaped as the spaceships that carry out the invasion of our planet. Of course, there are a few green aliens over there. It is just the piece of huge fabric before inflating. However, when you set it up it will become an amazing large inflatable slide you have never seen before.

                                       Alien invasion large inflatable slide

Large inflatable water slide for commercial use If you like the classic inflatable slides, this one is the best choice for you. In fact, it fits well for different occasions and therefore, it is widely used these days for the outdoor events. What makes this slide so popular. First, it is very attractive due to the bright colors; blue, green, pink, yellow, and purple. Also, there is a small pool in its composition, what makes it ideal for the summer.

                                       Large wow inflatable water slide for commercial use