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Top 5 Inflatable Water Slides For Families

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-9-2 10:21:50
Have you been looking for the best inflatable water slides? We offer you an abundance of choices, such that you can pick the model or brand of your desire. You may be uninformed about which type of slide to choose but we are desired to provide you with tips on the best one according to the means of use or your preference.

Inflatable water slides have many benefits that you can enjoy. They give your body profound fitness and great fun, especially for your kids. They can also be enjoyed not only by kids but also adults. Regardless of whether you have a pool at home or not, the slide can easily be inflated and can offer at the place of your comfort. Check them out at this page: http://www.yolloy.net/Commercial-Inflatable-Slides/.

Here are some of the top types of inflatable water slides offered by Yolloy:

Small Double inflatable water slide for pool

You can set up this inflatable slide wherever you want in your yard because its size is just 6 x 6 meters. It is ideal for the whole family with little kids. The kids will get two slides and one pool by purchasing this inflatable toy.

                                              Small Double inflatable water slide for pool

Caterpillar inflatable slide with climbing for kids

This is among the best affordable inflatable water slides as they are safe and fun while using. One of the things that we liked about this model is the fact that it is made by one of the most trusted brands in the market. This can already make you confident about the slide’s quality and functionality. It has a good overall design that makes it look like a giant caterpillar slide. It has handles which ideal for adding up to the fun that it provides.

                                              Caterpillar inflatable slide with climbing for kids

Large blue and red America inflatable slide

It is designed specifically for kids between 5-12 years old. This model gives different ways by which kids can have fun making it highly preferable. It has two slides, climbing walls and a splash pool. This water slide can accommodate up to four kids. Additionally, it has a weight of about 280 kg and id made of a puncture resistant material that makes it long-lasting. A merchandise of this of slide comes together with a heavy duty blower that ensures that the pool is inflated throughout.

                                               Large blue and red America inflatable slide

Curve inflatable slide with water pool for summer holiday

When buying this product, you are assured of the functionality and quality that it will deliver. It has an amazing design that makes this inflatable water slide a distinct choice.it has a rock wall that your kids go up and after this, they go down the curved slippery slide. It has a mini-landing pool at the bottom which adds up fun.

You must also note that his inflatable water slide is made from a puncture-resistant material and is safe and long-lasting for your kids. Its heavy-duty blower gives consistent and sufficient air flow that keeps the slide in shape.

                                                   inflatable slide with water pool for summer holiday

Splashdown inflatable party slides

It is small and perfect for your little kids and ideal for use in a pool. It is easy to use as it almost fits anywhere. It consists of a hose attachment that has spray nozzles, which keep it slippery and wet for smooth rides in the pool. It’s quite durable and can be used for a long period of time. It can be easily manipulatable due to its size and cannot bother you or feel you are bored.

                                               inflatable party slides