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Places that can settle the Inflatable water slide with climbing

Author:Inflatable water slide Date:2013-2-14 13:08:03

Since the inflatable water slide has been produced, it becomes popular among the adults and the kinds, especially in summer. You can see it on many places where have some swimming pools or sea. But the place that has the largest amount of the inflatable water slide is the water theme parks. Because there are many people go there and most of them accompany with their kids. As it is all known, kids are love to slide, no matter on the water slides or the dry slides.

         Water theme parks are the public places and have many customers in every day. So the entertainment facilities in them must have a good quality to make sure the customers are safe when they are playing with these entertainment facilities. To be a public entertainment facility, the inflatable water slide with climbing is made with excellent welding machine made in USA, which makes this kind of water slide will not be over welded or less welded and make it can be used for longer time.

                                                                       Inflatable water slide with climbing

       Here are some details of the inflatable water slide with climbing.

      The material of this kind of water slide is the 0.99mm (32oz) durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin. The PVC tarpaulin is known as the most advanced and most durable material in China. So the quality of the water slide can be guaranteed.  And the size of the water slide is 5 meters in length, 2.4 meters in width and 1.8 meters in height. So it is a big water slide that can let the parents to slide with their youth kids together. As for its application locations, there are the water parks, swimming pool, lake and seashore.

        What is more, this amazing water slide also can be used as a private one for families. Its price is not expensive. So most of the families that love to slide can own it as a private one and go sliding with family members as long as they want to slide on warm and sunny days.

        Some families do not like sliding too much, so they have no need to own one, but they can rent from the rental shops. It will not so expensive for rent. And if you want to hold a water theme party, you can rent some of this water slides to make your party more funny and enjoy yourselves.