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How to Use Inflatable Paintball Bunker

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-8-16 13:55:05
 A lot of people get used to playing in the forest type field on the barricade sense of taste or wood bunkers or pretty solid piece of something to hide. When the game rule changed when you play just as named called inflatable paintball bunker, what should you do? Next, I will tell you how to use it.

The first thing about the inflatable paintball bunker is moving. Bunker they are quite moving, you can and they all day. I suggest that don't use it, but you can. This means that you can get use your cover more. And do not just stand behind me, if you need tight, you can press into the bunker and get more use of it. You can change the perspective of the field, fishing bunker way. You really don't need to do it too serious, because if you do the referee may accuse you of carrying air ball bunker as shield slightly adjusted, it helps. In fact, the most interesting thing is I see is in a championship, as early as in this day, an inflatable paintball bunkers began to wither away players play behind his back. He actually held a bunker, he kept on playing. He fire away. When he let go of position he let go of the bunker and bunker take-off and discouraged, this is just disappear completely. One thing, you will notice the paintball player is they need longer barrel on the pitch, you might be thinking why do so too long, inflatable paintball bunker? It is also not necessarily.

Some inflatable paintball bunkers don't exaggerate this one, you can also according to the barrel to the bunker, basically in barrels packaging bunker. It lets you play very hard, because you are still in the cover and cover is actually a form suitable for you. This is very convenient. When you play paintball field some should pay attention to, paintball field was tied to the ground. If you play of the gate, there is a way to put it under sand bags or some type of weight. If you are outside inflatable paintball field will and to the ground, but they don't all have the same reserve system, so be careful. An paintball voice system is paint ball is very unique, you never forget it. A lot of new players find it threaten when someone just impact your bunker, but you can put your advantage. You put your hands on air ball bunker and you a real feeling which side of the ball is hit, whether on the right or the left, or to center. Use your advantages. You can feel all the paint ball was pounded on the right and then switch hand, appear in the left hand side.

Now, can you use the inflatable paintball bunker expertly?