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7 Commercial Inflatable Slides To Run A Rental Business

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-5 12:53:38

If you want to run a rental business with the inflatable toys for kids, the inflatable slides are perfect for this purpose. There are two possibilities: to sell and to rent them. As for the rental business, you must have a few big inflatable slides that are both interesting for people and completely safe. The following seven slides meet both criteria. 

1. Wild Rapids Water Ride Inflatable Slide 

This inflatable slide resembles the wild river rapids in nature, so it is very exciting for kids. Up to 10 little kids can play with this large toy at the same time because its dimensions are 11.5mL X 4mW X 5.5mH. There are stairs at one side, where the kids can climb to the top of this toy. When going down, there is a thick air mattress, so the safety is always guaranteed.
                                      Wild Rapids Water Ride Inflatable slide

2. Dinosaur Allosaurus in jungle inflatable slide 

While playing inside this toy, the kids will feel like in a real jungle. There are trees, shrubs, and dinosaurs. Of course, all of this is from air materials. The size is 11.5mL X 8mW X 8mH, and the PVC fabric is used in its production. This is an ideal inflatable slide for the rental jobs. 

                                      Dinosaur Allosaurus in jungle inflatable slide

3. Super Mario and angry bird inflatable slide 

Two favorite video games are involved in this amazing slide - Super Mario and Angry bird. The kids like playing with these heroes equally. All characters and images which are included in this slide are colorful and vivid, and thus, attract the attention of the kids. This is not just a slide. Except the inflatable slide, there are also other interesting obstacles, so the kids can have more games and more fun. 

                                      Super Mario and angry bird inflatable slide

4. Inflatable carpenter worm slide for kids party 

People often lease this inflatable toy for the kids party. There is a wide range of air toys and obstacles inside this structure. It is made of 0.55mm PVC Tarps and only weighs 92 kg. You can set up this toy with ease with a few blowers.
                                      Inflatable carpenter worm slide for kids party

5. Batman inflatable slide with obstacles course combo 

Batman inflatable slide is certainly one of the best inflatable slides on the market, which is perfect for the kids of all ages. The main part of this huge toy is a large Batman. In addition to attractive appearance, this slide is very safe because there are the thick mattress and the protective meshes all around. 

                                      batman inflatable slide with obstacles course combo

6. Colorful inflatable slide with a steeple in fairy tale 

What makes this slide perfect for the rental business is that it is colorful, amusing, and safe as well. It is just designed to meet the kids taste. The large inflatable slide is very popular for different kids events.
                                      Colorful for steeple in fairy tale inflatable slide

7. Fantastic white and blue castle inflatable slide 

This white and blue slide bouncer is designed like a castle with a few towers in its composition. It is ideal for the kids between 3 and 7 years. Dimensions are 8mL X 4 mW X 6mH and it is made of the high-quality PVC tarps. 

                                      Fantastic white and blue castle inflatable slide

To see and buy these inflatable slides, go here: http://www.yolloy.net/Commercial-Inflatable-Slides/.