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A closed portable planetarium inflatable dome with air lock door

Author:planetarium inflatable dome Date:2013-1-15 19:30:18

Cold winter is coming now. As the weather is colder and colder, it is a big challenge for the movie lovers if they watch movies in a thin and can not defend cold planetarium dome. With a closed portable planetarium inflatable dome for them, the situation will be different.


Yes, from the picture, you can see that the door of this tent is so closed that it can ward the wind off the tent and keep the tent inside warm. Portable planetarium inflatable dome is made by the anti-stretch fabric material, and with a sturdy structure. This makes it can stand steadily in the strong windy day and you can still watch your movie in it without worry.

To make the movie projected on it must make the dome opaque inside. So the inner of the dome is special coated which is special for the planetarium’s display. When it comes to be a tent for you, it can protect your privacy because it is opaque.

This dome is useful that it can use as a family theater, public theater or the planetarium teaching classroom. It is portable that you can set it up on the place you want to hold your activities. Because of its round cliff, the project effect will be better than the smooth wall. It will have more third dimension than the normal theater. It has different sizes, some of them are suit for tens person, some of them are suit for hundreds people, and some of them are suit for one or two people. You can choose the size which is suitable for you when you are making an order.

The normal theaters are all stable at the same place all the time. Audiences are go to the same place. But when the theaters are portable, it will be a different experience for the theater goers. You would be worry that the dome is hard to set up the inflatable dome. Now I tell you that you have no need to worry this because the portable planetarium inflatable dome is easy to set up. You can link the inflatable dome to an air blower through an inflatable pipe. And the inflatable dome will be set up in 15 minutes. And you can deflate the air in it through the zippers then you can fold it up.

In a word, the portable planetarium inflatable dome is a convenient and amazing new movie theater.