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A convenient tent---air tight inflatable medical tent

Author:inflatable medical tent Date:2012-11-19 0:07:17

There is no doubt that tents are familiar to us. Our professional manufacturer has produced many different kinds of inflatable tents which play important roles and have a number of applications in our daily life. Some inflatable tents are popular in camping trip, such as the inflatable camping tent. Some are sought after by managers who want to hold a show or promotion for their products, such as the clear inflatable tent. Some are welcome in holidays, parties, celebrations or other events, such as the inflatable wedding tent.

Today, I’d love to introduce you another inflatable tent---air tight inflatable medical tent. Just as its name implies, this kind of inflatable tent is used for medical emergency in outdoor during the disaster happens. Just like the right picture, there is usually a sign of some red crosses and generally it is white and red. Its size can be customized according to different requirement.

The air tight inflatable medical tent is made of the best PVC material and is water-proof, flame-retardant and cold weather resistant. Thanks to these advantages, it can be used at any time without worrying about the weather problems when there is a medical emergency outdoors. It can even be used at the temperature from -15 degree to +75 degree. Moreover, it can burden snow about 5 centimeters in thickness.

The air tight inflatable medical tent is convenient for medical care personnel to transport to the emergency site because it is light weight and portable. What’s more, it takes the medical workers only several minutes to set up the tent, which has saved much time and allows the medical care personnel to give the first aid for the refugees. After all, it is essential to make full use of every minute to save lives in the emergency case. In this respect, air tight inflatable medical tent behaves better than common tents, isn’t it?

In addition, air tight inflatable medical tent is not only used for the first aid and can be widely used. Sometimes it is a good shelter for the refugees who have exactly suffered the disaster and become homeless. They can be allowed to have a rest or can be arranged to live in it provisionally.

As I know, air tight inflatable medical tent and other kinds of inflatable tents are all useful and serviceable in our daily life. If you want to have one, please contact us.