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Inflatable outdoor tents- Large outdoor inflatable light tent

Author:inflatable light tent Date:2012-11-17 2:10:45

Are you tired of such a kind of party: a large group of people who are in bright clothes in a limited space singing songs, dancing hot dance, drinking wine and play all kind of little games in intense music and dim light. When feeling depressive you have nowhere to go. After going out what you cansee is depressive buildings and small sky? Have you ever thought that in the wild, underneath the star to hold a celebration party. Not in depressing lifeless house, but give a person with downy sense of the air architecture? If you want to have a change, large outdoor inflatable light tent of evening party can give you what you want.

Large outdoor inflatable light tent of evening party is designed to be quick to set up and take down. It is made of oxford or PVC tarps. Because of this, our tents have many advantages, such as strong airproofs, bright colors, novel and unique shape, refined material selection, not fading, not come unglued, without leakage, easy to wash, durable for long period and so on. Besides, the size is usually 10m x20m. What need to be put out especially is that the size of our products can be changed according to the customes’ requirements. As long as you put forward we can do it.Its method of use is very simple, only need to find fixed points on the ground and then use drum blower to accomplish the air inflation. When the party is finished, what you need to do is just making the air escaping from inside out, folding it and bringing back to the home. If it is dirty, because PVC acid and basic resistance, especially acid, and are not afraid of water, so can be directly wipe with wet cloth, if there is oil pollution washing powder detergent can be used or apply a small amount to wipe. So convenient.

It is not hard to imagine that what the party will be with the large outdoor inflatable light tent of evening party. First of all, from the outside it gives persons a sense of everything new and fresh feeling. The light from the white roof pour out, hand in photograph reflect with the moonlight. Walk into a see, inside light strafing around, music is intense, people laughter. When tired of this, it is the vast expanse of the sky. Lying on the grass to look at the stars when drinking wine. It can be considered as the another party fun.

So, please give us and give you a chance. Using the large outdoor inflatable light tent of evening party, I believe that this must be a win-win thing.