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inflatable bouncers Good Products and Service for You

Author:inflatable bouncers Date:2013-6-9 17:32:38

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the cost performance of the commodity rather than its fame. Such is human nature that people are not willing to buy anything that they know little about. For instance, if you are not familiar with inflatable bouncers, will you sacrifice you wallet to make a vague deal?

Luckily, if you are really interested in inflatable bouncers, this article will introduce it to you and make it clear how wonderful inflatable bouncers are.

To begin with, I would rather talk about the material of our products. Our original material is PVC tarpaulin, which is 4.5mm in thickness. It can resist the hardship of outdoor work. Its fresh color won’t fade away even if it is exposed to the solarization of the sun. The material is totally nontoxic and won’t do harm to children. The result of a detection carried out by the quality supervision department shows that this kind of material is not irritant to children’s skin. The inflatable bouncers have a long life, it can bear one-hundred thousand man-time of uses.

We guarantee good after-sale service for you. We will provide you with glue and tarpaulin pieces for repairing free of charge. Our after-sale serve workers will try their best to solve your problem in time. We will immediately send disposal suggestions or technological guidance to customers after receiving their feedback. If the problem is too complex to be solve at once, we will make contact with customers and work out a plan according to the actual situation in 24 hours.

Our top purpose is to satisfy every one of our customers. Don’t be hesitate to have your own inflatable bouncer now!