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The giant inflatable tent also can be used for company celebrations

Author:giant inflatable tent Date:2013-4-13 22:27:11

About the inflatable tent, we know that it is always used for some promotions, ou door activities, or any other parties. In fact, except these items, the inflatable tent also can be used for some celebrations in nowadays, have you met some special giant inflatable tents in your daily life? First of all, I have met some ones, and I like them very much.


Last month, I took part in our company celebration very happily. During the whole party, nothing is wonderful but the giant inflatable tent. As matter of the fact, more and more companies would love to hold their celebrations in outdoor, only this can make their employees more delightfully. At that time, I found that giant inflatable tent is different from the others, because it is very unique.


As a manger, I have a responsibility to take care the whole activity each time. Nevertheless, more and more employees were attracted by the giant inflatable tent at that time. Although this inflatable tent is hired by our boss, I think we need to buy it for our company because of its charming. In order to make an advice for our boss, I photoed it at then time, such as the following one.
                             inflatable tent


In general, this inflatable tent is made of the PVC tarps. It is very stable after setting up, which can stand for a long time, very durable. Inflatable tent can alternative solid housing as large-scale exhibitions, fairs, outdoor temporary or long-term exhibitions, road shows, company celebrations, sports and leisure hall, storage warehouse, and other outdoor large activities, do not need to build or rent another field, saving funds and very flexible and convenient.


After the activities, it is also very simple and easy to collect the inflatable tent into a very small part, do not take large land resources, very environmentally protection. It is waterproof, moisture proof, sun block and so on. If you have special needs, we can also design it for such as sports field, party hall, factory, warehouse, products promotion, outdoor big exhibition, sports competitive, tourism and leisure and other temporary activities.


Therefore, this giant inflatable tent is very useful for us as long as you need it. As we all know, there will be more outdoor activities in future, then more and more people need to choose their favorite inflatable tent for something. Of course, above style tent is very welcome, because the giant inflatable tent also can be used for company celebrations in nowadays.