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White double layer inflatable sports tent for tennis, football games

Author:inflatable sports tent Date:2013-2-28 1:27:13

  Doing sports is a good way to keep healthy. More and more people like to play basketball, tennis, football or some other sports in their spare time. And there are more sport competitions in many provinces because the governments are encourage its people to do more sport to keep fit. The convenient sports like the table tennis, football, etc, are more popular.

       There are many outdoors sports fields and few indoors sport places because it cost more to build an indoors sport field than build an outdoor one. However, the outdoor sport fields are easy to broken because they are exploded to the sunshine, rain, wind and snow every day. And when the weather is bad, people can not do sports on them as usual. Now, a kind of inflatable sports tent can make perfect sport field for you. It is showed as the follow picture.

       This inflatable sport tent is portable that it can be moved to the sport field to be a top of the field and keep the rain, sunshine or snow outside the field. As a result, the sport games that hold inside can be continued.

        This tent is made from the PVC tarpaulin or PVC coated nylon. So it is durable and can be used for several years. It has double layer material to make it more stable and durable. There are two doors on its long sides and four windows on each side. The doors and windows can keep the air inside circulate to keep it fresh. It makes the sport condition more comfortable. On the top of the tent, there are six transparent windows covered with the transparent PVC tarps. This structure can let the light transmission in the tent and make the inside bright.

        This tent is 30 meters in length, 15 meters in width, 8 meters in height. It is heat welding with high temperature machine and double or quadruple stitching by lead free heavy duty thread. So it is durable and secure.

           With this inflatable sport tent, you can do sports or hold the sports game as long as you want, it will not affect too much by the weather. It not only can provide a bright condition for you to do sports, but also can make fresh air for you. In a word, the inflatable sports tent make do sports more convenient and easier.