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Inflatable zorb ball orbit game is a new kind of inflatable water park

Author:Inflatable zorb ball Date:2013-2-16 13:15:33

         You can enjoy many kinds of the inflatable water park game when you are in the water parks. Most of these games are playing in the water, like the inflatable water slide games, inflatable boat games, inflatable water climbing and so on. Recently, there is a kind of inflatable water park game that most people pay attention to.  It is the inflatable zorb ball orbit game. This game needs no water to play with. You can play it like it showed in the picture one.

         The structure of the inflatable zorb ball orbit is showed in the picture two. The material of this ball is the transparent PVC tarps. You can see the road when you are rolling in this inflatable transparent ball.

         You can see that the inflatable zorb ball has two parts. One is the round inflatable orbit, and the other is a transparent room for the players to stay in it. And there is a PVC material between these two parts to make them be apart.


          There is a gallery on the inflatable zorb ball, which connects two parts. You may ask how the players get into the center of this inflatable ball to roll it. The answer is the gallery. The players can across the gallery to get inside.

          Some people may doubt whether the inflatable zorb ball orbit can bear the players’ weight or not. This kind of inflatable product is in a high quality, which is result from its durable material and its safe sewing. The PVC is the most durable and most advanced material of China now. And the splice of each corner is double sewing. This makes the structure more fasten. So the quality of the inflatable zorb ball orbit is guaranteed.

         People can get inside the inflatable zorb ball orbit and rolling little slope from its top. And when you want to play it, you had better make sure there is no sharp object on your way before your journey. In order to make sure of your safety, there is a fasten belt in it. You can use the fasten belt to make yourself more stable inside. And when the ball is rolling, you will feel it is an amazing ball which serves you an amazing experience.

       The new inflatable water park game is an exciting game and you should have a try!