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Why we choose inflatable tents

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-5-10 15:37:24

Nowadays, we have lots of kinds of tents, such as advertising tent (promotion tent), military tents (civil tents, site tent), herringbone roof pavilion, tourism tents {(3 season tent (ordinary outdoor activities) and four seasons tent (winter/alpine)} relief tents, inflatable tent, decontamination tent and so on. Each kind of tent has its own advantages. Next, we will show you the reasons why we choose the inflatable tents.

Inflatable tents own obviously advantages in the following three points. Firstly, it is the weight. Metal tents use iron pipe as its support, so its weight is larger, which takes great troubles to transportation. What’s more, the usage of more support result in the tent area increased and the bearing demand is bigger. It caused the support bearing the weight of the increase, the corresponding will also use wall thickness more iron pipe, tent weight also is bigger. And inflatable tent, for gas keel, can be folded, and iron pipe support structure of ordinary metal tent to compare said, weight is apparently lighter and transportation is relatively easy.

Secondly, it is the size. In the same size, metal support structure of the tents, due to the existence of the pipe bracket, is not free to pack; And the length iron pipe support is longer, lead to a little smaller vehicles can’t put in, which made people has to change to the large vehicles in transport. As for the inflatable tent, because of the software design for inflatable keel and column in deflation can be optional folding, it makes tent can be freely folded and only occupy a small volume, which takes great convenience for its transportation.

Thirdly, it is the convenience in erect and removing. Relatively speaking, inflatable tent can be set up very convenient, only need to will spread in a tent on the space, receive on foot pump or electric pump. In a few minutes it can be ok. It is the same in the dismantled. The demolition and pack of metal stents need a larger number of people and time-consuming were quite long.

Above of all, we can know that compared with other ordinary tents, having a try on inflatable tents is a fantastic choice.