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Why not use the inflatable movie screen like this way

Author:Yolloy inflatables Date:2019-9-6 17:06:44

Is the projection movie the only way you use this inflatable movie screen? Do you feel distressed when you want to sing in karaoke but often can't book a room? Do you think that watching movies in the cinema is very restrained? Do you think that watching a game at the bar is not very enjoyable? Today, let's take a look at how a young lady can maximize the role of this inflatable movie screen.

Inflatable Movie Screen
                                                                     Inflatable Movie Screen

On a weekend night, Catherine invited a few good friends to her house to spend the weekend together. She installed a giant inflatable screen in the back garden to project the new movie. She put a layer of mat on the grass and prepared a variety of snacks and drinks. When watching a movie, they can share food happily. When there is an interesting plot, everyone can laugh aloud. Her friend said that he liked the mode of watching movies so much that they felt more comfortable than in the cinema.

Catherine says, I really like to invite friends to spend the weekend with me at home. So I bought this outdoor inflatable movie screen, it is not only the function of projecting movies, you know, I will often use it to watch various ball games, sing and hold small private parties. Because this the giant inflatable screen is too convenient. It is mobile so I can use it indoors or outdoors. Installation and removal are very simple, I can do it independently. Its quality is also very good and it can be used repeatedly. I really like this inflatable movie scree, I strongly recommend that you use it!

Here are a few tips. When purchasing a outdoor inflatable movie screen, choose the right size based on the number of people and the size of the venue. Do not use in stormy weather to avoid product damage or safety incidents. Inflate and deflate according to the operating instructions, and pay attention to storage.

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Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen Giant Inflatable Screen For Projection Inflatable PVC Screen

        Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen            Giant Inflatable Screen For Projection                     Inflatable PVC Screen