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Why is this portable inflatable planetarium dome tent so popular

Author:Yolloy inflatables Date:2019-8-30 17:12:12

The school has been improving the class mode, making the dull class interesting and lively, so that students can become interested in the class and become more engaged in understanding the knowledge. Therefore, the school will pay attention to the changes in the teaching methods of teachers and the facilities and equipment needed for the courses. Many students like to gain professional knowledge through film viewing, especially for primary and secondary school students, and schools are paying more and more attention to film teaching. Using a good device for film teaching is the primary choice for teachers and students.

The traditional film teaching mode is the same as other courses in the ordinary classroom, using computers to project videos to students, lacking a good atmosphere of sight and feeling. Now, the portable inflatable planetarium dome tent provides students with a comfortable viewing environment. One student said that since the film education used this planetarium dome, their whole class felt that the course became more interesting, they were more able to integrate into the movie plot, and some of the knowledge that the teacher said was easier to understand. An old teacher also said that he is very grateful for the inflatable planetarium dome for projection, which makes students take classes more seriously and prefers to think.

The portable inflatable planetarium dome tent is made from certified lead-free projection cloth for film screening. It is available in different sizes and is suitable both indoors and outdoors. The important point is that it is mobile and easy to carry. When not in use, fold it up and store it for saving space. In addition to movie projection, it can also be used for astronomical projection and mobile museum displays.

Outside Pictures Show:
Inflatable Planetarium Dome Portable Planetarium Dome Tent Outdoor Planetarium Dome

      Inflatable Planetarium Dome        Portable Planetarium Dome Tent        Outdoor Planetarium Dome

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Inflatable Planetarium Dome For Projection Inflatable Mobile Planetarium Dome Inflatable Projection Dome Tent

Inflatable Planetarium Dome For Projection    Inflatable Mobile Planetarium Dome         Inflatable Projection Dome Tent