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Why Inflatable Tent is better

Author:Yolloy inflatables Date:2019-7-25 13:39:49

After reading so many articles about  
inflatable tent  (you can click it if you want to know more about the inflatable tent shown above.), you may be eager for a more professional article to know exactly what inflatable tent is like. In this article, I will try my best to explain all the details about inflatable tent to you.

Firstly, the performance of the inflatable tent is pretty brilliant. Its building and demolition is relatively simple, you can install it or disassemble it in a very short time, in order to save your valuable time, since the inflatable tent uses high-quality PVC waterproof canvas, it is better in insulation, tear resistance, tensile strength, ageing resistance, and has a long service life.  In general, the inflatable tent has a continuous service life of 2 years.

Compared with traditional tents, because the metal stent tents use iron as its scaffold, its weight is relatively large, this brings trouble to transportation and shifting, especially in the area of the big tent, the use of stents are more and more, and with the tent area increases, the bearing demand is greater, which resulted in the increase of bracket bearing weight, the corresponding will also cause the pipe to be made thicker, thus, the weight of a tent is greater.

However, the inflatable tents use inflatable keel which can be folded, it is obviously lighter weight, so that in the transportation is relatively easy.

Take two different tents with the same volume as an example, a metal supporting structure tent, because the existence of pipe support, is not free to pack. And if pipe support general length is longer, the vehicle will be too small to load it, so that in the need of transportation, larger vehicles are called for.

But the inflatable tent, because it is soft, and uses inflated keel, it can be optionally folded after deflating. This design makes the tent can be freely folded after use, occupies only a very small volume, you can easily use small household vehicles and conventional vehicles to carry it, which means more convenient transportation.

Last but not the least, metal stent tents need more people to erect, the erection time is longer. As the tent is bigger, more people will be needed, time-consuming will be relatively longer.

So, our inflatable tent does have a lot of convenience. Just equip yourself with one and enjoy your happy life!