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10 Tips You Should Do When Opening An Inflatable Products Store

Author:yolloy Date:2016-3-19 10:57:47
When you want to open a store for inflatable products, there are many things to consider. You can open a shop in your city or in any town in your country, but in this case, you will be limited to the buyers from your city/country. The buyers from other countries are a real rarity. That's why it is better to open an online store. When you have the online store, the whole world is at your disposal. Your products are available for the people all over the world, so you will have more customers. Yes, having an online shop is a great thing! The same goes with the online stores of the inflatable products. These products are widely used, and it is likely that more and more people will use these products in the upcoming years. You can focus only on one kind of inflatable goods, or to have the inflatable of all sorts – inflatable tents, toys (bouncers, slides, jumpers, etc.), sports inflatables, advertising inflatable products, holiday decorations, and so on. 

Starting an online store is not easy at all. there are hundreds of things to consider. The hardest part of this business is to get customers, getting search engines for ranking, as well as buying and keeping all the products. Here are 10 things you must consider when opening the online store for the air-supported products. 

1. Check out the existing competition 
The competition on the internet can be laborious to beat, and a well-designed and successful website should make you consider if you can compete or not. Ask yourself: What will make you stand out among the other websites? Can you offer more than they already do? Is there anything special about your business? 
Search a keyword of the area that caught your interest and compares what pops up. You should easily know if success is a guarantee or a lost battle: if the website is making your eyes sting, with their shimmering colors, old-fashioned design and outdated posts, you're likely to be successful. Be strategic and don't forget, to remain competitive, you’ve got to be distinctive. 

2. Choose The Best System For Your Website 
You need to have the full control over your website. To achieve this, consider WordPress, a dedicated eCommerce open sources, and the like. Also, you should choose other systems that are popular, have a good community, and well-known on the web. Start with around $50 a month for 100 inflatable products. 

3. Your Online Store Must Be Unique 
You need to include a good descriptions and photographs at your online store. However, there are hundreds of other online inflatable stores that buy these products from the same suppliers. For that reason, you must have a unique store with unique inflatables. 

4. Offer Various Inflatable Products 
As I said, you can focus only on one type of inflatable products, but it is always better to offer a wide range of different products. If you plan to open an online store for inflatable items, you must have the inflatable tents and inflatable toys. These two types of inflatable products are most wanted. As for the inflatable tents, the most popular tents are big dome buildings, all-white cube tents, planetarium domes, clear (transparent) bubble tents and the spider dome tents. As far as the inflatable toys, the most wanted toys are bouncers, slides and water slides, bouncy castles, water park toys and the inflatable paintball bunkers. In addition to these products, it would be great if can provide yourself with other inflatable goods as well, including sports games, various advertising models, and mascot cartoon costumes. Yes, this requires the large initial investment, so the initial capital is necessary (like for any other business). 

5. The High Quality Is Must 
You must have the best-quality inflatable products. If you want to have the high-quality inflatables, you should consider the products that are made from PVC, PVC-tarpaulin and oxford fabric. These materials are very durable, UV-resistant, waterproof and eco-friendly. Avoid cheap materials because they have the poor quality. 

6. Tweak Your Store for Better Performance 
Customers are easily lost when the page loads slowly. For those who started their online store using a package that is hosted, you may not have the option of optimizing the page though it is not likely that you will need to. If however you are self-hosting your store, it is critical that you ensure your page load speed is as fast as possible. 

7. Let Your Customers Have Their Say on Your Pages 
It used to be that online stores simply had product names, images and description and this sufficed. This is no longer the case. There is a game-changing resource you have that you may not yet be taking advantage of. Your Customers are the resource. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how eager some of your customers will be to supply you with testimonials and even interesting images of them and the product. It gets even better when there is a prize attached. 

8. Social Media and Newsletters are a Must 
Hardly can you find an individual today without a Facebook account. This is one resource that you should endeavor to maximize. You can create a community on Facebook where you discuss with your customers and potential customers, answer questions, offer support, give discounts and a whole lot of other stuff. It is now a given that you should have social media buttons on every page. Social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and others are currently being used to drive a lot of sales. Interestingly, they are very easy to setup especially with the number of guides available on the subject. 
Newsletters are such powerful tools that they have been used by numerous successful eCommerce operators. With this tool, you keep your customers constantly connected to you. It is very important that you set up your store such that with every sale, the customer is encouraged to sign-up for your newsletter. In fact, let this be the default setting. Aside from this, provide on your homepage or other strategic positions a conspicuous sign-up area. To further increase the number of subscriptions, offer some incentive for this if it is allowed on your platform. 

9. The Fast Worldwide Shipping and On Time Delivery 
When you open an online inflatables store, you need to ready to receive orders from all over the world. Your punctual delivery rate has to be more than 90%. The maximum shipping period should be 15 days (this applies to the countries which are far away from you). For the closer countries, the delivery period must be less than 7 days. If there is a delay, you have to inform your buyers in advance. So, you must be fast and accurate as well. 

10. Satisfactory Service & Reasonable prices 
If you have an online store, you also must have the service for customers. It is very important to provide a good service to your customers. Every serious online store has it. You have to respond to all the faxes and e-mails within 24 hours. Give the quick response to every inquiry. Today, nobody wants to wait for the reply for days. It is normal that you should make a profit, selling the inflatable products at the higher prices than the purchase prices. On the other hand, you should offer a reasonable price for each product. This doesn't mean you have to give the lowest prices in the world. Just offer the reasonable prices that are based on the quality of your products. 

If you want to see the example of a perfect online store for these products, visit this one: http://www.yolloy.net/.