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What to consider when using the portable planetarium inflatable tents

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-9-21 14:32:27
Portable planetarium tents are tents made of PVC. They are water resistant and can be made in different designs and colors. Produced sizes are ranging from enormous ones to the smallest, so they adjust to all your needs and requirements. What is more important is that these tents are easy for transport and for installation, and the only thing you need to do is find a place to locate it, put some air in the tent when you want to inflate it, and simply deflate it, pack it and put it in your car, or a garage, or wherever, when the job is finished. Planetarium tents are often used for trade fairs, fairs, promotions and all other things that you can imagine. You can also use it as a shop.

5m Planetarium dome tent   6 m planetarium dome7m planetarium dome tent

Trade fairs

Whether you want to promote a type of car, tourist destination, some kind of new nutrition supplement, furniture, different materials, books or whatever, at a trade fair you should consider buying a planetarium tent as a place of the event. A big problem about arranging a trade fair, where different representers show off their products, is that almost usually a specific space is needed. A lot of places are not suitable for this, and do not meet event’s requirements, they are not big enough or they are on the other hand too big. One of the possible solutions for you, if you are the organizer, is to buy a planetarium tent that suits the occasion.


We all know that all children and most of the adults love and enjoy fairs. Whether they are local, from your city/town, or whether they are coming once or twice a year. Fairs offer a great time and fun, but they are almost always located under the open sky so that just a few drops can spoil your whole day. These weather conditions affect a lot your plans, but they also affect the plans of the organizer who can lose a lot of money. In case you are an organizer, you should consider buying a planetarium tent, in order not to lose the profit and to offer the visitors their expectations fulfilled. Also, most of the fairs do not work at winter or autumn because of the bad weather, which can ruin their machines. For example, the rain can cause a machine to rust. These tents will keep the machines safe from this, and let you enjoy the fairs during the whole year, no matter the season or the weather condition. Shops It is a little too expensive today to rent a working place, and most of the owners of different shops do not have places of their own. A great solution for this problem is a planetarium tent. You can buy it for little money and make something of your own. All you need to do is find the best location to place your tent, and you will certainly have the most attractive working place and a shop for your goods.

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