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What is inflatable marquee tent

Author: Date:2012-12-25 22:22:02
Marquee tents are a hybrid of the pole tent and the frame tent. And inflatable marquee tent is a new style, neither pole tent nor frame tent, it is a inflatable structure tent, but with shape of marquee tents.

They are designed and produced to give you convenient and beautiful life. When using the inflatable marquee tents, you do not need to worry about the transport, because it is small in pack size comparing with the frame tent. And when set it up, you just need to lay out the inflatable marquee, linked the blowers and turn blowers on, the inflatable marquee tent will stand up by itself. You do not need to carry the metal poles or frames so tired. Sounds great right?

And the inflatable marquee structure is also widely use. You can use it for wedding party, for concert event, for new product release, large garage or storage, some promotion activities and even for a large instant museum and so on.