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What a good experience with inflatable portable planetarium dome

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-7-26 11:42:59
In the past, we always went to the stable movie theater to watch movie with our friends, family members or lover. The stable movie theaters are always have a flat screen, a projector, and many stair-step chairs for the audiences. As many people do, I always buy some juice and popcorn with us and ate them with my partners when watching movie.  I feel I always do the same things when I watched movies in the theaters except the different movies we watch. Sometimes I feel it is so boring to watch movies in a fixed way. And it is so uninteresting to watch movie with a flat screen. One day, a new theater gives me a different feeling of watching movies. It makes a deep impression on me. It is the inflatable portable planetarium dome, a new creative and provides a third dimension visual effect movie theater.

portable projection dome

The inflatable portable planetarium dome is showed in the above picture. And its inner structure is showed in the follow picture. The same with the normal theaters, it has a projector and some stair-step chairs. The different thing is its screen is cambered and on the cliff of the portable planetarium dome. One part of the dome has a special material. It is made from PVC coated fabric layers joined by high frequency welding or mechanical sewing. So the projector reflects the light on it and show the movie on it. Because of its cambered structure, it makes the movie has a third dimension visual effect.

When set up the inflatable portable planetarium dome, people just need to link the dome to the high pressure blowers. Open the power and make the blowers blow air in it for several minutes, the theater is stand up in front of me. This is the second thing which makes me feel different from watch movie in the stable movie theaters. I can see the movie theater set up by myself.

The most impressed one is the outside scene of the inflatable portable planetarium dome at night. It showed in the follow picture. Because of the dome’s special material, people can enjoy the show both outside and inside when making projection, which means the dome can give person 720 degree view. What is more, the colorful appearance of the dome at night is a good scenary of the city at night.


What a special and impressive movie theater it is!