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What You Should Know About Inflatable Boats

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-14 15:01:57
This content will show you some important things related to inflatable boats that you didn't know or you know, but partially and insufficiently. It will help you to find out more about performance and design of inflatable boats, their methods of use, operating instructions, how to set them up, what you should avoid, and much more. So, this is a great opportunity to learn something new about rubber boats and complete your previous knowledge. If you are a lover of inflatable water vessels, this content is right for you. It is also useful for those people who have never been used any boat before. In any case, everyone will find something interesting to read and learn.

In Yolloy store, you can buy the following inflatable boats:

Inflatable sports boat for 2 person Spring break equipment banana boat for 3 person
Lovely Shake shaped Banana Boat in red
8 person banana boat
Inflatable Fly Fish Tube For 6 People
Inflatable floating island
Professional Inflatable Raft Boating Ride Fishing Paddles
inflatable boat Eagle seahawk sport fisherman
inflatable surfing boat, etc.

First of all, let us see some warnings, i.e. what things you should avoid in order to be safe while using these boats. These vessels are not intended for use by children as well as persons under the age of sixteen, without adult supervision. Of course, we are talking about real inflatable boats, not about toy boats for little kids. You should always an appropriate life preserver (Personal Flotation Device), especially when sailing on some “wild” river with a lot of river rapids. Do not overload your boat. Every inflatable boat has in its instructions, for how many persons is designed and what is the maximum load weight. Never tow your boat from some other vehicle/boat. However, there is an exception from this rule in case of Flying Fish boats. These boats are just designed to be towed by other boats, usually by fast powerboats or motorboats. At high speeds, these flying fish boats are easily separated from the water surface and “fly” above water.

                                       Inflatable Water Toys Fly Fish Tube For 6 People

Further, use these boats only in water areas which are away from the debris, flooded trees and other dangerous obstructions. Particularly avoid rivers with sharp stones that protrude above the water surface, because they can puncture the fabric of inflatable boat. Also, you should avoid to use it in high wind, dangerous tides, open water or strong currents. You need to be familiar with a certain area where you intend to use your boat. It is best to use it in some protected and known waters. Don't over inflate the boat. Every modern pump has the scale that shows the air pressure. These are just some of the things that are useful to know.

                                      Professional Inflatable Raft Boating Ride Fishing Paddles

As far as the inflation of these boats, it is pretty easy, but I will give you some basic instructions. As it has already been mentioned, make sure you don't over inflate your boat. Find the “proposed inflation pressure”, which is usually stated in the prospectus that you receive when purchasing a boat. Don't use a compressor or compressed air when you want to inflate a boat. Inflatable boats are mainly produced in a small size, so you can inflate them by an ordinary foot or hand pump. If you bought a large inflatable boat, then you will use an electric pump in order to inflate it faster and without any effort. Before inflation, you should open external stopper on the valve, and attach the hose of your pump unit. When the hose is inserted, turn on the pump and begin inflating. When the boat is fully inflated, seal the valve, gently pull the pump out of the valve and close external stopper. Many inflatable boats have the several air chambers, so in this case you need to inflate the chambers in the order which is given in the boat prospectus.

                                       Cool banana boat for 3 Passenger Water Sled

First, you need to inflate the inside safety chamber, then the floor chamber(s), then bustle and bottom tunnel chambers (if your boat has them), and finally inflate the main outside chamber. Also, you need to know that the weather conditions and water temperature can affect the pressure in your inflatable boat. Thus, in the very hot weather conditions, your boat will get an additional pressure because the air expands in the heat. Therefore you should let some air out in order to prevent overpressure. On the other hand, during the cold weather, the air will contract and your inflatable boat will lose some pressure. In this case, you should add a little air in the boat in order to keep the required performance of your boat. All in all, you need to avoid the exposing of your boat during the extreme temperatures - either hot or cold. As for the deflation, there are two different cases – for the electric pump and for the foot/hand pump. If you will use the electric pump, the procedure is as follows. First, you need to remove the adapter of the hose from inflation part and attach it to deflation end of your pump. Then, repeat the same steps that were explained for the inflation. It will draw the air out of your boat very quickly in just a couple of minutes. However, if you use the foot/hand pump, then you also need to remove the hose from inflation port firstly, and put it into deflation end. This will also deflate your boat quickly. Of course, after deflation you should dry your boat up in the sun and pack it as well.

                                       Green boat for one fish boat play inflatable boat

Inflatable boats are designed in a broad range of different ways. In addition to “ordinary” designs, which all of us has seen, there are also so to speak “unusual” inflatable boats, which come with various weird shapes. In fact, they are more water vessels than boats. For instance, one of these unusual inflatable vessels is the Inflatable Tube. This large tube is designed in in such a way that a large number of people (both adults and kids) can enjoy it at the same time. It is pretty spacious, so there is a enough space for up to ten persons. In order to provide a full security, particularly if you use it on some rapid river, there are several handrails which are attached along the tube, so you will be able to hold to them and have a greater stability. This vessel is intended for fun rather to sail on a water area, and it is suitable for people of all ages. Moreover, it is made of waterproof and high-quality materials, such as tarpaulin as well as clear PVC. These materials are able to withstand various weather conditions and they give your boat long life as well.

                                      inflatable floating island

At the end, you should be selective when choosing the inflatable boat. You need to select the design, size and shape that best suits you. Whether you want to buy a professional inflatable boat for navigation over long distances or some boat to have a fun, it is not an age-long product, but the product that should serve you for many years. Also, pay attention to warranty period. The good inflatable boats have at least three year warranty. Inquire about every detail before buying a certain model of boat.

For further details about these boats, visit this page: http://www.yolloy.net/Inflatable-Water-Park-Toys/page-3.html.