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Welcome to Yolloy inflatable maze

Author:Yolloy inflatable factory Date:2018-12-18 11:37:44
inflatable maze interactive

Do you expect an inflatable obstacle maze instead of a vanilla blow up maze with no interactive barriers? Then you come to the right place. Our new design fun inflatable lawn maze displays a large labyrinth structure.

With inflatable maze, you don’t need to build large maze from scratch. Now you just buy a cheap commercial inflatable maze and pump it up with blowers in few minutes, then you got yourself a working labyrinth to explorer and challenge.

Inflatable maze is a great outdoor blow up structure for inflatable rental companies to rent for adults and kids, it’s fun for camp drilling, competitions, treasure hunts, carnivals, schools and churches. There are several types of them, such as corn maze, laser, nerf, paintball, Halloween haunted house, etc, can be used for different occasions.

This non-intricate maze maybe is the only maze that little pathfinders could but won’t find their way out , they are rather wanna stay inside and have fun for hours. You can take this inflatable equipment to carnivals and school events, or whatever activities full of children.