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Transparent inflatable snow globe tent for camping

Author:inflatable snow globe Date:2013-10-10 15:35:47

Octoberis coming soon, the cool wind remind us of the feeling of autumn. In this wonderful season, people see the summer off and plan to enjoy all the fantastic moments as excitedly as possible. The most interesting and stimulating festival must be The Halloween.

On this religious and mysterious day, people dress themselves in different customs and play all kinds of games like trick or treat to each other. Well, this is truly unforgettable experience. And as it is said, people prefer to keep the moving moments in mind, so here we have a kind of inflatable tent namedtransparent inflatable snow globe tent for camping.

Just as you can see in the picture, this kind of inflatable tent is hardly different from our other product. However, as it is given a specific theme for its background, this kind of inflatable tent is much more special. No matter how you want to use it, one thing is for certain, that this kind of tent will make your autumn totally different.

Autumn is also a suitable season for outgoing and sightseeing. This kind of inflatable tent possesses the basic advantage like other inflatable tents, for example, air tight, wind proof, water proof and fire proof. Also, as it is designed for outdoor uses, it is portable and convenient to be blew up. With this kind of inflatable tent, you will experience a distinctive camping.

Let me recommend some fun usage of this kind of inflatable tent to you.

When you go camping, you’d better find a flat grassland and set up your tent. Then, after the sunset, the day turns dark, you can bring a lamp in to the tent and ask your friend to gather around and begins a party of stories about ghost or soul. As the background of the tent is made to remind people of the Halloween, the atmosphere will be exactly perfect for scary stories.

Also, you can hold a small party in the tent. As this inflatable dome tent is large enough for dozens of people, you can take in some snacks and toys to play in the tent. Eating and drinking, singing and dancing, talking and laughing, with the ghost of pumpkins on the background staring at you, all the things you do becomes mysterious and of a special feeling.

Generally speaking, the background of the tent can be changed according to your requirements. But we also provide you with a few kind of steady template. You can choose to buy any one as you like.