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Transparent inflatable lawn tent

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-4-24 14:14:16
In our senior school, I found that most of the students and teachers always took with the transparent inflatable lawn tent for their trip, they enjoyed this lifestyle very much, do you know why? Because the transparent inflatable lawn tent is very comfort and trendy, especially in our collective trip.

Of course I love to stay in the transparent inflatable lawn tent for having a rest too. One day, I remembered that my teacher took with the inflatable lawn tent in front of the classmates, we looked at this beautiful inflatable tent for a long time, and we hoped we could use it the next time.

In fact, because his inflatable lawn tent is transparent PVC tent with brightly so that my teacher has a good sightline around him. After that, when the trip is over, the students went out and ask the teacher about that tent, teacher smiled at us with happily.

And he said that his inflatable lawn tent is the latest one and other teachers have the some ones too. As matter of the fact, these newest transparent PVC inflatable lawn tents are sent for all teachers by our school in the 2013. Now, the following one is its picture, you can have a look.


This is inflatable lawn tent is made of the commercial grade Clear PVC, the dome is about 4m diameter and 3.2mH, the tunnel is about 2mx2m.

About its usage, sell and rent, used in amusement park or family yard. Sometimes, we can install it on the lawn during our collective trip, this is a good rest places for us. No wander a lot of teachers also use the newest transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent this year.

The spring season has come, maybe more and more teachers will go for spring outing, so this style transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent is the best equipment for having a rest in travel. As we all know, the travel is our favorite casual activity all over the world, no one dislike it, only the travel can bring the good mood for us.

If the travel is your hobby, you can’t miss this transparent inflatable lawn tent, or what a pity! Anyway, the travel exists in anywhere, all people are eager for the travel very much, especially the young people. Therefore, all students and teachers would love to take the transparent inflatable lawn tent for their collective trip.