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Top Selling Inflatable Products Of All Sorts In 2016

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-6-16 14:44:45
You have probably seem an inflatable product of any kind, such as the inflatable tent, bouncer, slide, or an inflatable advertising item. Yes, these products have become very popular in the last few years, and their application is really great today. People use them to play, have a fun, practice the sports, decorate a certain space, to camp in nature, as the temporary buildings for different outdoor/indoor events, to advertise their products or store, and much more. As you can see, they can serve well for a range of different purposes, and that's why their application area is so broad. What's more, it is very likely that their application will be even greater in the future, and they will get “settled” every city in the world in the upcoming years.

In the market, there is a ton of the inflatable products of all sorts. However, some of them are more popular and hence more frequently purchased, while the others are less popular and accordingly were less selling. That is connected with their design and quality in most cases. However, it also depends on how much people need a particular inflatable product. In the following text, you're going to get familiarized with the best selling inflatables in this year, and learn something more about each of them.

Inflatable Clear Bubble Tents

As in previous years, the clear inflatable tents are also in great demand this year, too. Thanks to their transparency, they are very appealing and best selling inflatable tents in this year. These beautiful tents allow you to look at the surroundings out of the tent. On the other side, you can also see their interior while staying outside. That's really amazing! As for the size, the most models of these tents are small or middle-sized tents, as their diameter is from 3 to 5 meters in most cases. However, the larger clear tents are also available, but they are less used compared to smaller bubble inflatable clear tents. As for the design, what to say! They are very elegant, sophisticated, and look very modern as well. By the way, you can decorate and arrange such a tent according to your taste and make it more beautiful.


Large Multifunctional Inflatable Dome Tents

For the big outdoor events, there is no better temporary building to arrange such an even than the large domes. The word “large” may mean big, large or huge. So, their dimensions vary from those dome tents designed for 50 to 100 people, or the huge domes which are intended for more than 200 people alongside the chairs, tables, and other necessary items to add in. Dome tents are designed in different ways, and they come in various shapes nowadays. For example, the most popular shapes are spheric domes, double or triple domes in one, turtle large domes, as well as the classic globe dome tents of that ilk. As far as the color, the most wanted color is white, and that's the standard thing for many years ago.


Inflatable spider tents

Of course, these tents are made in the form of a big spider. However, you need not worry when thinking of assembling or installation because the constituents of the inflatable spider tent are connected making it relatively easy to put together. Irrespective of having a lot of rooms in it, the mobility of the tent is not jeopardized because its components are not heavy. The appropriate choice for families having lots of kids to play during the day in their enclosure is the spider dome shelters. These shelters are not built to work only in your gardens, as an addition, they also become useful for exhibitions and promotions. Which makes more sense why most people purchase them recently. The movement of the hands and feet, as well as the intermittently bending of the entire sky dancers’ is brought about by the circulation of air coming from the electric blower attached to it.


Inflatable products for promoting

The most well-known products in this group are the air sky dancers, inflated arches, and huge inflatable balloons. The size factor and attractiveness of color make these balloons perfect for your business adverts. Therefore, the attention of potential clients will be drawn to your brand because it will be easily spotted from afar. It is easy to locate the balloons where a large number of clients will notice them because they can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The inflatable arches come in two major designs - rectangular and crescent. Therefore, the entrance of your promotion spot can easily take one or more arches.


Inflatable commercial water slides

These slides are meant both for outdoor recreational activities and indoor uses. The most well-known slides which are supported by air are the ones that come with other inflatable toys as their constituents. There are two major designs that can be seen in the market and these are: with or without a pool. Therefore, if there is no pool in your yard, you should go for one that comes with a pool (similar to this one in the image). The inflatable water slides can also be found with differences in their shape, size, and method of riding. There are some with a special system of pumping to pass water to their highest point from where it flows down to the slide surface. The fact that water increases descent speed and reduces friction makes this a very good option.


Inflatable Bounce Houses

Yes, there are many amazing inflatable bouncers over there, but the most wanted are Pink Inflatable Castle Bouncer, Princess Castle Inflatable Bouncer, Inflatable Castle Slide with Multicolored Towers, and and so on. Spongebob Bouncy Castles, Mini Backyard Bouncy House For Kids, Kids combo inflatable pool slides with bouncer, and so on. The choice is great. In fact, every bouncer is nice in its own way, and this is just a matter of taste when it come to the design, As for the quality, these big bouncers are made of the best quality materials that are safe to use. Furthermore, the custom size and custom colors are also available for the customers.


Large Complex Inflatable Jumpers

It's not one toy, but a large, complex playground, composed of a variety of toys – bouncers, rides, jumpers, slides, combos, and other toys of all sorts. This big playground is spacious and intended for a large number of kids to enjoy it at once. Everyone will find a toy there that best fit him and children will have the possibility to play with various toys in one place. It is ideal for children's events, such as birthday party, kid's celebration, etc. You can rent it whenever you want to arrange an event for your children. Also, you can buy it and give your children everyday entertainment and hence stop taking your children to amusement parks every single day. Yes, it is a big investment, but it is one time investment, which is perfect for those families with a lot of small children.


And, that' not all! Besides the above mentioned products, there are also many other outstanding inflatables of all sorts. To see full range of inflatable products, click here: http://www.yolloy.net/.