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Top 7 Inflatable Jumping Houses With An Impressive Look

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-9-10 14:10:25
Speaking of inflatable bounce houses and jumping toys, there is a wide variety of these toys on the market and different shapes and sizes. However, they usually look each other and not every of them has the impressive appearance. In our store, we sell more than hundred bounce toys for the kids and every of them is interesting in its own way. You can convince in that, if you check them out here: http://www.yolloy.net/Inflatable-Bounce-House/index.html.

Those with cartoon heroes are most popular, as well as the princess bounce castles alike. However, when looking to buy such a bouncer, you should take a look at each of these bounce houses, and find one that is most impressive to you or your children. We recommend considering the following 7 inflatable bouncers:

1. Inflatable Pirate ship party jumper game for kids This amazing bouncer is designed like a pirate ship from cartoons. These are guns, pirate flag, and other elements of a real pirate ship. Most children find it is a very interesting place to have a fun while jumping inside.

                                                  Inflatable Pirate ship party jumper game for kids

2. Big bouncy castle inflatable with dual slide This is surely one of the most impressive bouncer on the market at this moment. It is shaped like the medieval castle made from rock. There are tall towers at every corner. One of the best things when it comes to this bouncer is that there are two separated slides. Also, there is a jumping mattress, so the kids can either jump or slide while playing inside the castle.

                                                  big bouncy castle inflatable with dual slide

3. Heart shape inflatable party bouncy castle house the name says it all. This sis a bounce house in the shape of heart that is made of the air-supported material. It is used mainly for the following events: Carnivals, Schools and Daycares, Backyard Parties, Festivals, Corporate Picnics and Functions, birthday parties and so on.

                                                   Heart shape inflatable party bouncy castle house

4. Moonwalk inflatable jump house spider man The Spiderman is one of the favorite cartoon heroes over the years, and therefore, this slide is very impressive for the little kids. Up to 10 kids can use it once, since the size is 3.8mLX3.5mWX3.5mH. On the other hannd, the weight is 100 kg only.

                                                  moonwalk inflatable jump house spider man

5. Inflatable 3D Tropical Combo This 3D inflatable bouncy slide house may be used either indoors or outdoors. It has a curved slide, and can be upgraded with a bumper or an inflatable pool. The pillars give the 3-D effect, so you will think these are the real palm trees.

                                                 Inflatable 3D Tropical Combo

6. Moonwalks lovely panda inflatable house toys This moonwalk is designed in the shape of panda, actually, a panda who is reversed on the back. It is made of the commercial grade 1000D PVC tarp, that is lead-free, waterproof, and UV-resistant. Moreover, it is quite easy to install such a toy by using one or two blowers.

                                                  Moonwalks lovely panda inflatable house toys

7. Rock crawler inflatable bouncy house with slide This unusual bouncer is designed like the red rock crawler, but it has a slide and ball pit. It is ideal for those kids who like playing with vehicles and cars.
                                                  rock crawler inflatable bouncy house with slide