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Top 7 Inflatable Cube Tents From Yolloy Store

Author: Date:2016-4-13 12:03:17
Two main forms when it comes to the inflatable tents are cube and dome tents. The cube tents have the flat walls and the flat roof as well. The cube tents with flat walls and dome roofs are much rarer on the market. As for the dome tents, they have rounded outline and hence are rounded from all sides. Let us focus on cube inflatable tents this time. 

Inflatable cube tents usually come with a tunnel in their construction and this tunnel serves as the entrance and exit of the tent. Also, there are big cube tents with two or several tunnels and openings. However, some models of cube inflatable tents do not have the tunnels, but they are simply opened on the places which are intended for the entry and exit. In addition to “doors”, there are also a few windows. As far as the walls surface, these tents usually have the air cushion effect, which gives the modern appearance of these tents. 

People use these beautiful tents for various occasions. Cube inflatable tents differ in size and general design. When it comes to the color, they are mainly colored in white, with a few exceptions. Depending on the size and design, these buildings are intended for different occasions. In such a way, there are inflatable cube tents for outdoor events, huge cubes for the big events, cube movie projection tents, party cube tents, concert hall cube tents, wedding cube tents for custom events, office cube wall, lighting cube tents, and so on. However, some cube tents are suitable for a variety of occasions, so you can use them for different events. Moreover, cube Yolloy tents can be customized in terms of the size and color, so you can order a certain cube tent as you like to be. 

So, let's see top 7 inflatable cube tents from Yolloy website. Also, you can see these amazing tents right here: http://www.yolloy.net/Outdoor-Inflatable-Tents/Inflatable-cube-tent-13-8-1.html. 

1. Classic Inflatable Cube Tent 

One of the most popular cube tents is classic cube tent for events. If you like the simple, but the stylish tents, this one is right for you! The standard size of the classic inflatable cube tent is 12m (L) x 6m (W) and 4m high, but the custom tents are also possible. The weight is just 300 kg, which is pretty low for such a big building. The white color is dominant, but it also has two rows of black “cushions” on the upper side. There are one wide opening as well as three dotted windows on the other sides. All these elements make this classic tent unique and so beautiful. That's why this tent is in great demand for months. 

This tent is made from strong PVC tarpaulin, and it has double stitching everywhere as well as four- fold stitching at the stress points (the places which suffer the most). For the better security, there is an “anchor” at the bottom side which serves to fix the tent to the ground. On the areas with strong winds, you could additionally fix this tent with a few heavy sand bags. Classic cube tent is UV-resistant, waterproof, eco-friendly and flame retardant. It comes with a 3year warranty. 

                                     Inflatable Cube tent for event
2. Inflatable Cube Tent For Big Events 

Here's one big cube tent for the big events. This large all-white tent is made of commercial PVC tarpaulin. The dimensions are 20m x 10m x 4.5m high which makes it suitable for different events, including parties and other entertainment events, concerts, but also the business meetings. It has four entry tunnels on all sides, and therefore, the transit through this tent is very good. You can host around 300 guests in this large cube tent and place about 150 seats. 

                                      Inflatable cube tent big event 

3. Cube Movie Projection Tent 

Do you like watching the movies in the cinemas? You could have your own movie projection building as you like. This small cube tent (7mL x 6mW) could be used as a portable cinema. It is white from outside, but black from inside which is ideal for movies projection. For that reason, it doesn't have the windows. Invite your friends and enjoy watching the movies in this amazing cube tent. You just need to have a movie projector as well as an appropriate white canvas for projection. Sit in an armchair and enjoy watching your favorite movies inside this cube tent. 
 cube movie projection tent      

4. Black Mobile Inflatable Cube Tent 

The vast majority of inflatable tents are white, however, this one is completely black. The black color is always in trend because it looks fancy. This beautiful cube tent is made from Oxford and PVC tarpaulin materials – two most quality materials for the inflatable products. Black cube tent has the openable windows from all sides as well as one small opening on the top side. It is suitable for different purpose – for advertising, promotions, exhibitions, and for the small parties, too. 

                                     black mobile inflatable cube tent
5. Inflatable Cube Concert Hall 

If you need a tent to organize a music concert, then you should consider this concert hall cube tent. It is perfect for this purpose among others. This double-layer air wall tent is made from high-quality PVC tarps. Therefore, it is very sturdy and stable. The walls have so-called "bubble effects" with a few entry openings and rectangular windows. This cube tent is graceful itself, but for the more appealing look, you need to light it up with the LED lights. As the other inflatable tents, the cube concert tent is easy to set up, easy to dry, and also not difficult to maintain. The acoustic is perfect inside the tent, which makes it ideal for the indoor music events. 

                                     inflatable Concert Hall 

6. Inflatable Wedding Cube Tent 

For The Custom Events Planning a wedding? Do you want to make a wedding party in a large tent? If so, you have to consider this inflatable wedding cube tent. Besides the wedding parties, it is also suitable for other custom events. It comes in beautiful orange color with the black base and black roof. Also, you will get all the necessary accessories, including the blower, various powers, glue, repair kits, spare materials, etc. This is a middle-sized cube tent, since its dimensions are 12m x 8m x 4mH, which makes it convenient for the events intended for 50 to 100 guests. It is very easy to set up and install. With a few blowers, you'll need only 5-10 min to finish inflation. After use, you should pack it up carefully and store it in a proper place. In addition to the wedding, this large cube tent is also suitable for promotion events, dinner parties, for family use, as a safe place to rest, as a workshop, and so on. 

                                     large inflatable Wedding tent 

7. Outdoor Inflatable Cube Lighting Tent 

If you need a big tent for the night events, this lighting tent is right for you! In fact, this is a classic inflatable cube tent that is lighted with LED lights. You just need to install LED strips inside (in one color or in a few different colors) and it will be very appealing at night. In addition to LED lights, this tent can also be equipped with air conditioners, heating systems, musical and other electric appliances. This cube tent has the double-walled construction, and therefore, it is well-isolated from the temperature. 

                                     cube lilghting tent inflatable