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Top 7 Inflatable Clear Buildings From Yolloy Store

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-9-9 15:03:26
People like transparent buildings because they give the possibility to see what is placed inside, and on the other hand, you can see your surrounding while staying inside such a structure. Speaking of which, you should see 7 wonderful inflatable clear tents in our store you probably never thought of. Inflatable transparent tents are very popular due to their interesting look and good properties as well. For more info, click: http://www.yolloy.net/Clear-Inflatable-Dome-Tent/

Below, you can find out what are the best clear inflatable tents in Yolloy store.

1. Connected clear inflatable dome tent Buying this complex structure, you will get two in one. Actually, this unusual building consists of two connected inflatable tents. Actually, they are linked with a short tunnel, but can also be separated if the clients require this. Every tent is 5 m in diameter and about 2.5 m tall.

                                      clear inflatable dome tent

2. Inflatable clear bubble tent with a lengthy entry tunnel The next top rated transparent inflatable building is a 4-meter inflatable clear tent with a lengthy tunnel in its construction. This building is useful for various purposes. It is very creative, fancy and quality as well. You can use this beautiful tent in nature, and put it on somewhere on the lawn. Also, it is ideal to take photos during the certain events.

                                      inflatable clear bubble tent

3. Black Clear Inflatable Dome For Spa Here's one clear tent that is convenient for spa, among others. This modern bubble tent is made from double PVC black layers and strengthened on the bottom side, which makes it very strong and sturdy. You should use ropes and a few sandbags to fix it to the ground. http://www.yolloy.net/pic/big/847_0.jpg

4. Clear Roof Inflatable Igloo Tent If you like futuristic structure, this roof inflatable igloo tent is likely to be right for you. As for the features, it is 8m in diameter (or customized), made of white clear PVC tarpaulin, consist of air tubes construction, and has a tunnel in its composition. This stunning building could be used for the promotion events, an outdoor party, exhibitions, and so on.

                                     Clear Roof Inflatable Igloo Tent With Tunnel Entry

5. New outdoor inflatable bubble tree This outdoor clear structure comes with two bubble tents in its construction. Thanks to its attractive appearance, this clear tent has a wide application. For example, you can use it for garden decoration, camping outdoor activities, as an outdoor bedroom, for the advertising and promotion events, during the exhibitions, for the trade shows, etc. It is modern, easy to set up and very quality.

                                     New outdoor inflatable bubble tree

6. Inflatable snow globe During the winter period and New Year's events, this clear snow globe is proved to be one of the most popular inflatable tents on the market. It has 4m diameter and comes in human size. Therefore, it can accept 4-8 kids or 2-4 adults. People usually use this tent in holiday decoration, as well as in company promotions.

                                      inflatable snow globe

7. Clear inflatable lawn bubble Put on this clear tent on the lawn and enjoy your free time! This inflatable bubble tent is widely used for both indoor or outdoor event. It is 7.5m long and 5m in diameter. Just to mention that customized tents can be acceptable.