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Top 5 Yolloy Inflatable Outdoor Tents To Make A Party

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-9-6 16:47:54
 If you look at the Yolloy online store, you will see numerous inflatable outdoor tents of all sorts. Each of them is designed for a certain purpose and event, but most of them are suitable for a few different occasions. If you are going to make a party, we suggest that you consider the following five inflatable tents.

For more info, click: http://www.yolloy.net/Outdoor-Inflatable-Tents/  .

Outdoor Inflatable Party Tent

This inflatable tent comes in white color and it has cube form with bubble effect walls. Hence, it looks very modern and fits well with different outdoor events. However, the main purpose of this building is for parties. The scope is 16 x 16 m, but the size can be customized according to clients' needs. The PVC tarpaulin walls make this building very stable, firm and resistant to various things. As far as the weight, it has 670 kg, which is not too much if you take into account the size of this tent. The outdoor inflatable party tent is ideal for different events, including wedding parties, birthday parties, family reunion, and other celebrations. Its specially designed roof ensures the rain flows down the walls, in opposite to the flat roofs. therefore, you will not have a worry when the rain suddenly start.

                                       Large cube tent inflatable with lights

Inflatable lighting igloo dome

Inflatable igloo dome features a stunning design and g-high-quality performances as well. It is a quite convenient and flexible structure, and as such, this tent is very popular for advertising and promotions. However, it is also widely used as a party tent all around the world. For this purpose, you should light it up with a few LED bulbs and strips, which will make it appealing in the night. Moreover, it also used as an inflatable exhibition tent, temporary rest house, outdoor meeting room, and so on.

                                      Inflatable lighting igloo dome tent

Red inflatable marquee party tent

Do you like a red color? If so, you must consider this gorgeous red marque inflatable tent. It is designed for the outdoor events and parties. This tent weighs 390 kg and the external dimensions of this building are 16mL × 8mW × 4Mh. Therefore, you can host from 100 to 200 people inside such a tent. Like the most tents in Yolloy store, this one is also made from PVC tarps.

                                     red carpas hinchables UV resistand, flame-retardant inflatable tent

White inflatable log cabin house with for party event

White inflatable log cabin is formed as a classic house, and it is intended for the parties and other events. It has a two-part slope roof, door, windows, so you'll feel like in the real house. In addition to parties, it could also be used as a room to have meetings, for promotions, or as a house to live.

                                      white inflatable log cabin house with door and window for party event

New design inflatable PVC structure party tent building

This amazing inflatable building has a stylish new design, which makes it appealing for different events and parties. The rounded white walls and roof with modern bubble effect, make this outdoor tent very popular for a party. The standard size of this tent is 12*8*5m or 15x10x5m, but it can also be customized in terms of size.

                                      new design inflatable PVC structure party tent building