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Top 5 Inflatable Spider Tents To Buy In Yolloy Shop

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-8-30 13:04:23
The spider tents are particularly interesting inflatable tents because they have the appealing appearance and may be used for many different occasions. Also, these tents are easy to install, put on and maintain. Why they are called “spider” tents. That's because these tents have several legs (usually four, six or eight) and hence resemble the big spiders. Actually, these legs are the poles, which serve as the construction of tents and they give the stability to the tent. Spider tents are made in a wide range of shapes and sizes. In today's post, you can see five inflatable spider tents of all sorts and learn something about their main characteristics.

1. 4-legs Inflatable Spider Dome Tents

As the name says, this spider tent has a dome form and just four legs. It usually comes in smaller dimensions, but can also be made in the custom size, according to client needs. This tent is perfect for advertisement, so if you are a vendor and want to showcase new products to other people, then this spider inflatable tent is right for you.

                                              Inflatable spider dome tent for during festivals

2. 8-Legs Inflatable Spider Tent

For more space, you will use a large eight legs spider tent. It is significantly larger than the previous spider tent and therefore has a plenty of space. However, this type of tent is also available in different sizes, according to your own needs. No matter how many people come in, you will be a good host because all your guests can sit comfortably under this spider tent. Use it for various outdoor events, since it is a reliable shelter. All your customers (or guests) will be happy and feel comfortable regardless the weather condition.

                                              8 legs Large inflatable spider tent

3. Inflatable spider tent dome from manufacture for sale

Here's another spider dome tent. It is so called multiple-pin inflatable spider dome tent. This “spider” has a large number of legs, which gives him a high stability and a good steadiness as well. When installing this tent, you should know that all parts are connected and therefore no need to assemble it. A great tent for company promotions, but also it is good for families with several children as a “home use” tent.

                                              Inflatable spider tent dome from manufacture for sale

4. Inflatable Gazebo X Tent

Inflatable spider tents are mainly opened from all sides. This feature gives the possibility to see the interior of the tent from all angles, which is useful for promotions or exhibitions. However, this one is different since it is closed with fabric. It is great for camping and as a shelter under the open sky. It is available in different sizes: 3x3m, 4x4m, 6x6m or customized.

                                              Inflatable Gazebo X Tent

5. White dome inflatable advertising tents with 4 pillars

This spider tent is strengthened with inflated poles in addition to its legs, and therefore it is recommended for the places with strong winds and other extreme conditions. Although this tent is pretty large, it's not difficult to carry or use. Just opposite. With a blower, you can set it up in a few minutes.

                                                             white dome inflatable advertising tents with 4 pillars