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Top 5 Inflatable Clear Tents With Tunnels

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-4-7 11:43:59
Clear tents are transparent, which makes them different from the other inflatable tents. There are many different clear inflatable tents on sale, but those with tunnels in their construction are the best selling clear tents. Why tunnels. They serve as the entrance and exit of the clear tents and contribute to the more beautiful design. We are going to write about top five models of transparent inflatable tents with tunnels. You can see them, in this online place: http://www.yolloy.net/Clear-Inflatable-Dome-Tent/. 

1. Double clear tunnel connected inflatable tent 

One of the most interesting models of clear dome tents is the double connected tent. Actually, it consists of two clear tents which are connected with one tunnel. Also, each tent has its own tunnel, so there are three tunnels in total. Amazing! The dimension specifications are: 
          The diameter of each tent is 5 m (without the tunnels); 
          The tunnels' length is 244 cm; 
          The inner tunnels height is 2 m; 
          The tunnels' width is about 1.5 m. 

And, here comes the best feature of this complex clear tent! It can be used separated when you want to use only one unit.

2. Simple Clear Inflatable Lawn Tent 

This tent has a very simple design, but it doesn't diminish its beauty. It has one smooth globe part with one tunnel. The tunnel may be inflated by a silent air turbine, the blower, the electric pump and other devices which maintain a light pressure into the sphere. It keeps the air fresh and solves the issues with the moisture. The atmosphere inside the tent's walls protects you from the dust, condensation and insects. There are a few buckles on the bottom side to anchor the tent to the ground. For this purpose, you could use the sandbags, stones, water bags and other heavy objects. Also, you need to use the ropes in order to fix the tent to the ground. 

3. Clear dome tunnel tent with indentations 

This clear tent does not have the smooth surface, but the many indentations all over the tent. Therefore, it looks very unusual and modern. You could use it for the wedding parties, holiday celebrations, birthday party, and so on. 

4. Inflatable bubble lodge with 2 tunnels 

Bubble lodge tent has two tunnels in its composition. One tunnel serves as the entrance of the tent, while the other one serves as the exit. It is made from the PVC tarpaulin with a clear PVC. It is opaque in the lower part, which gives you the privacy. The upper part is transparent, so you have a wonderful view of the landscape and the sky. 

5. Clear Roof Inflatable Tent With Tunnel 

If you need a big transparent tent for an event, this is the right one. Its construction consists of thick, horizontal and vertical air tubes, which are the base for the transparent cover fabric. Also, there is one short tunnel to come in. You need to inflate it only one time, and it will be usable for several days. This big tent is suitable for various outdoor events.