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Top 5 Commercial Inflatable Slides & Water Slides

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-4-5 17:59:01
Inflatable slides have been around for more than ten years on the market. In fact, there are two types of inflatable slides: the water slides and the usual (dry) slides. What's the different? The first ones are damp and wet, since they are moistened by water. It makes them more slippery and accelerate the descending. You can use it only in the summer period when the weather is hot. On the other hand, there are also usual inflatable slides, which are not wet. Therefore, they are more suitable for the cold weather conditions. 

In the following content, you can read about 5 commercial inflatable slides and water slides which are in great demand in the world. Aside from these five, you can see the other inflatable slides here: 

1. Outdoor Batman large commercial inflatable slide 

The most popular choice, this slide measures 7.5m (L) x 3,5m (W) x 4.5m (H) with an overall weight of 210 kg. 

Other features include: 
♦ Fully customizable: color choice, unique logo printing, etc 
♦ Included accessories, such as repair kits and inflation blower 
♦ Safety certification (EN71, EN14960, SGS, CE) 
♦ Prompt delivery; Usually 5 – 10 days from purchase 
♦ Double strong PVC packing bag 
♦ Tarps are made from durable 0.55 mm PVC 

                                     batman inflatable slide 
2. Giant inflatable Kraken Wow slide with large octopus 

This Kraken slide has dual lanes, creating some extra fun and excitement for the kids; plus more visual fun is created by the attached ship and octopus. This is a great choice for any pirate themed party.Talk about a WOW factor! 
                                     Giant inflatable Kraken Wow slide
3. Large Classic Inflatable Dry Slide 

The incredible height of the high dry inflatable slide makes this an exciting design for older children. For safety sack, we recommend children be at least five of age. This design features two slides and a climbing area. As an added safety measure there is a built in extended length at the bottom of the slides, ensuring adequate safe stopping distance. Because of its design this slide is not suitable for your backyard, but would make an amazing option for an amusement park. It could also be easily set up in your neighbourhood open-air park. 
                                     classic inflatable slide
4. Inflatable Sponge Bob water slide 

An ocean of fun comes with the Sponge Bob water slide. On a hot summers day, the children can slip and slide down one of two slides, ending up in the swimming pool that is part of this theme. Yep, all kids like sliding with this amazing inflatable commercial slide. 
                                      inflatable sponge bob water slide
5. Small Double inflatable water slide for pool 

The best characteristic of this slide is that it does not require a lot of space. The inflatable commercial slides are available in different sizes, but if you want to use it in your backyard as a home pool, this is the best option. Just put it near the pool. It consists of two slides and one pool. All you need to do is to purchase this home slide, inflate it with a special blower, and set it up in your backyard. 
                                    Small Double inflatable water slide