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Top 10 LED Lighting Decoration Inflatable Items On Sale

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-13 15:57:14
Inflatable LED decorations are the ideal addition to a special event lighting or party display because they are able to beautify any place. These products provide a full array of the LED light sets, which is suitable for any kind of event.

On the Yolloy website, you can find a wide variety of LED inflatable decorations, ranging from LED Christmas Light items to the lighting starts and horns. People love the lighting decorations because of their energy efficiency, breakage resistance, and nice appearance as well. All of these things make inflatable LED Light decorations perfect for any indoor or outdoor event. In addition, they are easy to use and quite easy to maintain. So, whether you are looking for one color or multicolor LED lighting inflatable item, small or large light item, or a specific custom made product for your displays, you can purchase it here at our store.

In the following text, you can find out more about Yolloy inflatable Led light decorations and see top 10 products of that ilk.

1. Christmas decoration reflection Inflatable mirror ball

The mirror ball is the new product that you can buy online. It’s one of the popular and adorable balls that can be suitable for your Stage, Bars, Parties, concerts, product launch, and sports games events, Occasion or any opening of a new store. You can print your company logo or slogan and promote your brand. You can place the ball either on the ground that could attract the audience; the rotation of the ball would reflect the different lights, Music and creating a wonderful and cool atmosphere all around the stage. Mirrorball is Easy, simple and comfortable to operate.

                                      Christmas decoration reflection Inflatable mirror ball

2. Valentines day inflatable heart decoration light

This is a very nice set of outdoor lights. People like these bulbs and how they glow especially since they have the small bubbles inside. They are also pretty bright, as you can see in the attached photos. In the other photo you can see that these white lights are brighter than that other colored set. The string itself is not too long (19.7 ft sounds more than it really is). And the bulbs are roughly about the size of an adult thumb finger nail... not too big and not too tiny. Since these decorations are made in the shape of a heart, they are ideal for the Valentine's Day and for the romantic atmosphere.

                                      valentines day inflatable heart decoration light

3. Jelly lamp shade inflatable drop light

This is a high quality and superior design inflatable drop light made of Oxford cloth. It weighs 2 kg per set with a 1.2 M diameter ball that can also be custom-made. This product is ideal for decoration for parties, stage, hotel halls etc as it is beautiful in appearance, cheap and easy to set up or store. It comes in diverse colors with the lamps having a white light, E27 10w etc. It has a low noise with UL certification plus a one-year warranty. It is packed as a lamp side with a fan and controller.

                                      Jellyfish lamp shade inflatable droplight

4. Inflatable lighting horns for party

This popular and horn-shaped product is professionally designed making ideal for wedding parties, stage shows, evening parties etc. It is decorated with inflatable lights that make the occasion be special and attractive with a romantic environment. It is portable with a size of 2 to 8 meters and it is made up of polyester taffeta. Its accessories are a blower with a CE/UL/GS/NEC certification as well as 110 kV, 220 V, 240V among others and a repairing kit. The product is packed in a tough Oxford fabric carrier and a box measuring 49 by 17 by 49 cm with a gross weight of 10 kg per piece. Therefore, it is easy to carry with you and you can also easily move it all around.

                                      inflatable lighting horns for party

5. Flame shaped inflatable light

This product is ideal for transforming space and it creates a beautiful environment. It has a three-dimensional shape and few of these are needed to fill up on space to generate a powerful impact. The product is 2 M tall and made up of Oxford material that is a flame retardant fabric. It also doubles up as a lighter as well as a decor and comes in many shapes. This gives event planners a chance to bring their visions of style or theme into life. This is an eco-friendly product that consumes minimum power and it is light weight and compact.

                                      flame shape inflatable light

6. 8ft tall inflatable spiked tower lighting

If you are looking for a tall inflatable lighting ad that is visible from afar, then you should consider buying this 8ft inflatable spiked tower. Aside from the large height (about 5.5 m), another feature that makes this product interesting for people is its unusual shape. Any color is available. We have these inflatable towers in several colors – green, blue, purple, red, yellow, and orange. As for the material, it is constructed from the special Polyester taffeta fabric which is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting as well.

                                      8ft tall inflatable spiked tower lighting

7. 3ft diameter inflatable spiky stars

The lighting inflatable stars are considered to be one of the most popular inflatable advertising models according to customers. It is simply because they fit all places and can be used for different occasions, either indoor or outdoor events. This product is romantic, colorful, nice, durable, and portable, and therefore, many people all around the world utilize it for their own purposes. It is both good as an advertising model and decoration item. You can purchase these amazing lighting stars in different sizes from2 to 8m.

                                      3ft diamater inflatable spikey stars

8. Onion shaped inflatable lamp decoration

Do you like to eat the onions? This lighting product is designed like an onion and it is available in a variety of colors. The standard size is 1.5m (can be customized ) and it is made of the Oxford fabric. What will you get in the box when buying this product in our store? The package includes one inflatable peach shaped light, LED lamp with a controller, as well as an air blower. The onion lamps are perfect for the party decorations and they look wonderful in the dark.

                                      onion shape inflatable lamp decoration

9. LED inflatable flower decoration for party

Have you ever seen such a beautiful flower. In fact, this is an inflatable LED lighting flower that is primarily intended for the party events. It looks like a big purple flower, 2.5 meters big, amd made of an Oxford fabric material. The main specifications are great durability,high-quality & safe standard, it is customized, quite easy set up and take down. In the package, you get a flower shape light, LED lamp, controller, as well as an air blower to inflate it. Besides the parties and other events you can also use this inflatable LED lighting flower as a decoration in your garden or lawn.

                                     LED inflatable flower decoration for party                                   

10. Inflatable decoration light for Wedding party

 This inflatable lighting product is specially designed for the wedding parties. In fact, this is a heart-shaped arch which comes along with the air tubes in its composition. It is highly portable and very easy to carry and move wherever you want. Moreover, this product is available in different sizes and colors, according to your taste.

                                      inflatable decoration light for Wedding party