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Top 10 Inflatable Sports Games For The Summer Activities

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-12 18:20:30
Are you looking for a good fun this summer? If you like playing sports, then you should consider buying an inflatable sports game as soon as possible. Why? Inflatable sports structures are made of fire-resistant,lightweight, and very strong materials, they are easy to use, and most importantly, these products are completely safe for use. It will be a big attraction to any outdoor or indoor event without any doubt.

In our online store, you can find a broad range of inflatable products that are designed for the sports activities. You can choose any of these sports games: inflatable football, soccer fields, baseball, darts, basketball, and so on. Encourage team spirit in your kids and allow your children to play their favorite game. This way, they will have a lot of fun. Join them and enjoy together in these games, as they are ideal for all ages.

Below, you can find out more about a few popular inflatable sports games you can buy on Yolloy website.

1. Interactive Sport inflatable surfboard games
Mechanical Surfboard is a very popular ride for your parties and events. You just need to buy the Mechanical Surfboard online and operate the game with the help of operators to make sure everybody in your part is safe and secure. So, Get Ready for the Fun! Ride the waves and wipe out on an inflatable beach surfboard that will create funny memories at your party and share lots of laughs. Without ocean or nor getting wet, surf the big waves. This ride can be perfect for the people of any ages and can be easily set anywhere indoor or outdoor within no time. So test your surfing skills now.

                                       Interactive Sport inflatable surf board games

2. Inflatable Zorb ball race track
Zorb balls are used for the rolling and recreation by rolling down a hill inside the giant inflatable Zorb ball. The Zorb tracks are very popular for the amusement park. People of any age’s kids or adult can play this sport. The inflatable racing track can be a super excited fun sport and entertaining. So be ready to compete with your friends and show how challenging you are. Some of them can also use this Zorb ball in their gym training, in the lake, water park pool or the seaside to have fun. So let’s experience the space of unknown with lots of fun more than scary.

                                       inflatable zorb ball race track

3. Inflatable Sumo Wrestlers costume interested sports
Sumo wrestling is always one of the best and probably the most exciting and as well as the interesting fighting sports. These remarkable types of matches have been in existence for hundred of years. That’s is the main reason that makes sumo wrestling suits most popular and as well as these suits are most comfortable and hot sell items as compared to other ones. These suits are also very easy to use. To wear these exotic suits, all you have to do is to just simply pop these amazing suit\s over your heads and then put the strongest helmets and that’s it you are ready to go.


4. Great inflatable obstacle course interactive game
Are you looking for best PVC tarpaulin which is waterproof and as well as fire retardant? If yes then the great inflatable obstacle course the interactive game is one of the best and elegant choices that you can easily make. This is one of the best PVC tarpaulin bag for the inflatables and the carton for the UL/CE blower. If combined with the great offering food for the crowd then the inflatable games for the group can easily build a simple event into a huge success. These inflatable obstacle courses interactive games are always good to play and greatly helps you in achieving the best event that you ever want to give.

                                       Great inflatable obstacle course interactive game

5. Children interactive inflatable Baseball run through game
Hit a home run with the perfect children interactive inflatable baseball game. Just enjoy the nonstop action with the help of the fastest, interactive moving inflatable game. These are one of the best interactive games that can be enjoyed by both the children and adults without any issue. These are one of the best PVC tarpaulins that are waterproof and as well as also fire retardant. All these are EN71 and SGS passed and have proper certification. This is guaranteed that your children will definitely love the crawl, climb, jump and as well as slide while playing this interactive game.

                                      Children interative inflatable Baseball run through game

6. Obstacle sports Inflatable Rock climbing wall
Kids are all about funs and games, an opportunity for play should, therefore, be offered to them while their safety is also maintained. The Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall can be a great tool for kids' entertainment and exercise. It offers an opportunity for great sporting by creating a challenge of climbing the wall. There are many reasons to choose from Yolloy; First and foremost the products are designed with your safety in mind, the size and color are customized according to your needs, you are assured of quality and affordability as you expose the kids to fun, safety and exercise at the same time.

                                        Obstacle sports Inflatable Rock climbing wall  

7. Inflatable Mattress Pedestal Inflatable Jousting
The boxing combo brings on a new level of competition, fun and interactions. As two participants step into the ring and have a match competing to be the last one standing. It is good for hire, family compounds, church competitions and overall corporate team building activities. It is suitable for both the young ones and adults and a great tool to use for exercises and have fun at the same time. It is also great for outdoor activities. The Yolloy Outdoor Product Company offers a customized and pocket-friendly mattress pedestal with two years guarantee.

                                         Inflatable Mattress pedestal Inflatable jousting

8. Free fall stunt jumping air bag for inflatable sports game
The free fall stunt jumping airbag is a product designed to ensure maximum fun and offers security at the same time. If you fancy jumping off the platform but you are afraid of hurting yourself in the process then the inflatable mattress eliminates that. The mattress has air cushions which have outlets. The outlets help release excess pressure and also absorb shock during landing preventing bouncing off. It’s a good sports venture both for the young and the old and can also be a great exercising tool. The free fall stunt jumping air bag comes in different colors and can be even customized according to your desired taste.


9. Inflatable basketball hoop
Here's one simple but the very useful inflatable item to play a basketball. It is an inflatable basketball hoop. When purchasing this product, you won't have to make a hoop yourself anymore, since this item is long lasting and you can use it for many years. It consists of the air tubes (the main construction of this product) and a wide hook that is 3m high.

                                      Inflatable basketball hoop

10. Interactive inflatable hot potato floating ball game
Have you ever played this funny game? It is more interesting with this inflatable product. For this interactive sports game, you need to divide into two teams. Start it from the front moving the ball by air. While pushing the ball, your must not touch the ball. Actually, the ball floating in the air along this playfield. If the ball falls down, you must start again front the beginning. Who will win? The winner is a team who pass it first.

                                      interactive inflatable hot potato floating ball game