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Top 10 Inflatable Archways On The Market

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-11 17:46:09
The inflatable arches are in great demand for various purposes, and it is evident their increased use all around the world. These items are pretty easy to set up, install, and they are also easy to carry everywhere due to the low weight. All these make them much easier to use than metal arch structures. You can see some interesting inflatable arch structures here:http://www.yolloy.net/inflatable-advertising-model/inflatable-arch-23-28-1.html

In addition to easy application, inflatable arches are suitable for many different purposes. Whether you want to use them for some important events, promotions or some other purpose, they will surely be of benefit for you. I will mention just a few ways how you can use these structures:

Sport events – Inflatable arches are perfect for different types of races, such as bicycle and motorcycle races, car races, as well as cross (cross-country), marathon, fast running, and so on.
Kids entertainment – Many inflatable toys contain small arches in their composition, so it allows kids to play and have a great fun.
Company advertising – These arches usually have large size, thus they are suitable for companies to print their logo and promote their products or services.
Entrance/exit – You can put them at the beginning and at the end of a certain area, so they can serve as a big entrance and exit to this location.
Exhibitions – In addition to the inflatable tents, these arches may be a supporting part of your exhibitions. Moreover, they are easily noticeable from afar and it will indicate people that something is happening in the vicinity.
For various larger events – They are eye-catching due to the interesting design, thus they will attract many visitors. For example, you can use them for trade fairs, some holidays, concerts, as well as for every other large gatherings. Let's see which arches are on today's list of top 10 inflatable arches. Also, I will show you their main features and give an idea of how you can use them.

1. Holidays Inflatable Arches With Christmas Tree

The last item on this list of top 10 inflatable arches is the arch(es) for holiday celebrations. I will show you an arch shaped as a Santa Claus with printed inscription “Merry Christmas”. All you need to do is to pass through his legs. In fact, his spread legs make this arch. This is just my proposal how the holidays inflatable arch may seem. In addition to this funny Santa Claus arch, there are many other inflatable arches on the market designed for some important holidays, such as New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, and so on. In any case, it is great to have such arch during the major holidays.

blow up inflatables arch with Christmas tree outdoor

2. Orange Inflatable Arch For The Races

This is an orange inflatable arch with a quantity warranty. This middle sized arch is perfect for races, especially for cycling races or mountain bike races. Just to mention some of its main features: good for carrying, lightweight, easy to set up, made of high quality fabric and easy to put on. http://www.yolloy.net/pic/big/886_0.jpg

3. Inflatable Arch For Wedding In addition to sport events, inflatable arches can be used for other important events such as a wedding ceremony. Many arches are exactly designed for this purpose – they are usually in pink or purple color, with some flowers and hearts. Some of them have inscription “Just married”, “In love” or something like that. If you plan to make a wedding in the near future, arrange your wedding party with one or more “love” arches and install them at a place where the wedding guests will pass through. It will surely make your wedding ceremony more interesting!


4. Large Rectangular Inflatable Arches Here's another inflatable arch suitable for racing. As you can see in the picture below, it is supposed to be used for marathon or some other large racing event that involve a large number of participants. It is suitable for this purpose because it is pretty large in diameter, so many people can go through this big arch at the same time. Of course, you can use it for other purposes as well. This is just my suggestion. Just inflate two of these arches with an electric pump and accommodate them at the starting and finish line of a certain track.


5. Event inflatable archway with led light There is a possibility to install some special light bulbs inside the arch and turn it to the lighted arch. This is very useful over night or when it is foggy weather, i.e. when the visibility is reduced. What's more, these lighted arches look very fancy, especially if you install several fluorescent bulbs in different colors. It's perfect for night clubs, restaurants or city squares.

event inflatable archway with led light

6. Coca-Cola Arch The next inflatable arch structure consists of one vault and two inflated Coca-Cole bottles from both sides. This is just a good example how you can promote your company products. Thus, you can order an arch shaped as the products that you produce/sale, and it will certainly improve the business of your company. It would be desirable to place several of these arches along the traffic routes, where many drivers may notice this when pass through it.


7. Inflatable Arches For Amusement Park You've probably seen some inflatable toys, such as bouncers, jumpers, water slide and so on, in the amusement parks. In addition to these toys, the inflatable arches may also be designed for this purpose and be an integral part of the amusement parks, children's outdoor playgrounds, and the like. Of course, they should have an interesting appearance like this huge inflated dragon in the picture. Also, many inflatable arches intended for amusement parks are designed in the shape of some popular cartoon heroes.

8. Inflatable entrance arch I have already mentioned that inflatable arches are suitable to serve as an entrance or exit in some areas where many people pass during the day. Thus, they are perfect for the entrance (exit) to the city, trade fairs, shopping areas, some enclosed places and the like. By the way, you can print a greeting message on them, or simply put “Welcome”, like this one in the picture. I am sure that this will increase the number of visitors at a certain place.

Inflatable entrance arch

9. Inflatable Arches With Basis On The Sides These arches have the inflated base on both sides, which significantly increase their stability. Therefore, these structures are suitable for the windy areas because they can withstand even strong winds. Many inflatable arches don't have these basics, so pay attention to this detail when choosing this item. Besides the better stability, it contributes to a more beautiful appearance (at least in my opinion). Here's how it looks! 


10. Inflatable arch-tent This inflated structure is actually some kind of mixture of a tent and arch. In fact, it consists of several connected arches with an overlay fabric over them. Therefore, it can serve both as a tent and arch at the same time. This arch-tent is suitable for various purposes (outdoor exhibitions, as a passage, for big events, etc.), and the good thing about it is that it can replace several arches at once.