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The transparent PVC inflatable lawn bubble tent in the parks

Author:Yolloy inflatables Date:2019-7-4 15:31:33
In recent years, many people like to use the inflatable lawn tent for their spare time in the lawn, especially the transparent PVC inflatable lawn bubble tent  This is a progress of the society, we know that the life needs activity, only this can made the people very happy. As it to me, I also would love to enjoy the nature in every week or vacation.

In fact, I have enjoyed the transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent for many times, and I feel very comfort each time. Just as the following one, it is also my favorite outdoor tool. Perhaps you can asked me a question, ‘ does it cause some damage to the lawn?’, the answer is no. First of all, you should look at it carefully, and then listen to the people's perspective about it.

Inflatable Bubble tree tent

About this inflatable lawn bubble tent , it is transparent so that the user can see the entire landscape clearly. When you stayed in its inner, how comfort they are! Generally speaking, it is made of the 0.8mm PVC, the dome is about 4m in diameter, the high is about 3m, and the tunnel is about 2mx2m.

Besides, it is self-sealing transparent PVC tent. The air blower is very standard for different market, with the accessories such as air blower,ground sheet repair kit, glue, instruction, and so on. It is usually used in amusement park or family yard, that is to say, it is the best tool for outdoor camping.

For example, some park staff said, ‘the tent can’t damage the lawn at all, the small hole will be returned to normal through stepping on it gently. At present, all parks are mostly resistant to trampling the lawn varieties.’ Besides, one park director also endorses the tent has no effect on the lawn.

However,this park director stressed that the public should not enter the lawn during lawn maintenance period, because the grass can be hurt easily. In the meanwhile,the park will be erected a sign to remind visitors attention during conservation.

Therefore,the supporting feet of the inflatable lawn bubble tent is very thin, it will not be damage to the lawn.If you want to use above transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent, please feel free to use it, don’t worry about any elements. It has been popular all over the world, all people love to use it happily, because the transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent does not cause any damage to the lawn in the park.