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The newest and most challenging Interactive sport game

Author: Date:2018-7-24 14:03:50
People are more and more familiar with inflatable products, as a lot of inflatable products have been closely related with human’s daily life. Then do you know something about Interactive sport game? Today I’d love to introduce one of the newest and most challenging inflatable games---mobile inflatable zip line.

It’s known for all that most young people are fond of the exciting and challenging thing. It’s also why the rental business with these products is so welcome among people. I think this kind of fresh and popular Interactive sport game will bring the same even more profit for your rental business as those inflatable bouncers, inflatable slides or inflatable obstacles.

Mobile inflatable zip line, as same as other inflatable sport games, can be challenged repeatedly by different people because it’s made of 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin and durable enough to be used for long time. Moreover, it is waterproof and of heat-insulation, which allows it to be under the blazing sun for a long day or to be soaked in the heavy rain. Thus, it’s really cost-effective for your rental business, isn’t it?

The mobile inflatable zip line, is a competitive Interactive sport game. Then you may be curious that how to play it and it’s my honor to do some introduction for you according to the picture below. 

  mobile inflatable zip line

At first, two people should climb into a volcano and then scale up to the suspension bridge, which is 40 feet long. Now, the two people need to climb through it to the mountain. After the competitors reach to the top of the mountain, once one of them blows whistle and then they will descend down a 40 foot zip line to the bottom. Certainly, during the competition, each contestant is secured into the zip line basket by the attendant.

Such kind of Interactive sport game is requiring your courage, speed dexterity as well as your spirit of challenge. So there is no doubt that your rental business with mobile inflatable zip line and other inflatable sport game will draw those people’s attention.

Do you want to know more about inflatable sport games? Do you want to have them to help your rental business earn more money? Please contact us for more details.