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The half transparent bubble inflatable lawn tent

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-9-6 14:47:55
Do you really want to enjoy the life in your spare time? Do you really love to travel one a month? Do you really want to need a very suitable leisure tent? If yes,please follow me here.

As we all know, when we go out, we need wear the beautiful clothes. When we are working in the office, we need wear the suitable working clothing. When we travel, we need wear the casual clothing and take the comfortable inflatable lawn tent. In one word, we need dress ourselves in any occasion, in order to pursuit a better life.

If you are a person who would love to enjoy life, the travel is essential for you in the modern. No matter you are in a big city or a small city, the travel is still your favorite, this is a trend in social development.

For example, in our city, many people are very trendy especially the females, the beauty is the best aim they will struggle for everyday. When they intend to travel, not only they can wear all kinds of beautiful clothes for decoration, but also they have started to use the very fashion half transparent inflatable lawn tent for convenience, such as this picture.


half transparent bubble tent 


This half transparent inflatable lawn tent is the best tool in your outdoor camping, it is also a very pleasure. About its size, the dome is about 4m in diameter and 3.2m high, the tunnel is about 2mx2mx2mH. It is self-sealing and transparent PVC tent. Besides, the air blower is very standard for different market.

About this half transparent inflatable lawn tent, I love the it very much. Because it is not only cheap but also very unique. Once I pitched it on the lawn, all people were attracted by it immediately. Therefore, as long as I am going to travel, it is my first  essential luggage, or the travel will not be interesting.

In addition, its usage is a very wide range. Not only it is the very important tool in our travel, but also it can be used in amusement park or family yard, and so on. Usually, there are some question for the modern people, we need to answer them.

Do you really want to enjoy the life in your spare time? Do you really love to travel one a month? Do you really want to need a very suitable leisure tent? As a modern person, we need to do something as our leisure activities, in this way, the life quality can satisfy with our requirement.

Among so many social activities, the entertainment and the travel are two best ways, at least I need to travel very often. Of course, once I traveled, I need to have a rest on the lawn, therefore, this half transparent inflatable lawn tent is my best partner in my travel every time.