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The commercial value of inflatable costumes

Author:inflatable costumes Date:2012-11-10 13:28:06
What is an inflatable costume? In a world, it is a kind of toy which using thin film material tension and film inside and outside pressure difference manufacturing. After letting off climate the storage volume becomes small and it is easy to carry collection. The appearance of inflatable costumes usually are the cartoon image and color is gorgeous, so interesting strong popular among children.
We usually make inflatable characters mascot costumes for use by Entertainers, Theme Parks, Exhibitions, Kids Wonderlands, Pedestrians Streets, Church Organizations, School, Product Promotions, Sports Team, Openings, Wedding Ceremonies, Kindergartens and Public Benefit Events. There are many premade designs for your selection among popular animals and cartoon character costumes, such as SpongeBob, Dora, Ben 10, Buzz Light-year, Winnie the pooh, Mickey Mouse and etc. we can take the following picture showed as an example.  The inflatable costumes are made of the PVC, which makes it water proof and fire retardant. By the auto cutting, D-Ring fixation, PVC edges cover inside and hemming sewing, the products have many advantages compared with other costumes, such as high durability, high tear strength, fade proof, flame retardant M2/B1, anti-mildew treatment, excellent UV-resistance, cold weather resistance, waterproof, anti-static, heat-insulation, blackout, shrink- resistant, fluorescent, other. What’s more, when it becomes dirty, we only need to make the air escaping from inside out and wiped it with wet cloth if there is oil pollution washing powder detergent can be used or apply a small amount to wipe. Therefore, we needn’t worry the sanitary condition. Importantly, the goods are always being tall and big. This kind of characteristic makes it easy to highlight out in the crowd, and attract people's attention. The exaggerated modeling and color to make people laugh at the same time also left deep impression to the person. More, with the traditional cotton wool quality than clothing, and a more important characteristic is its weight than those things light because of the inflatable, it is to wear these clothes people reduced the burden. That is to say, he could be more focus on work and can insist on a long time.
So, the next time when someone asks you what method can be simple and can achieve good publicity result, don't forget our products: inflatable costumes.