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The Reasons Why We Choose Mobile Planetarium Dome

Author:Yolloy inflatables Date:2019-6-13 13:43:00
Do you want to observe stars? Do you want to experience different visual feelings? Don’t hesitate. Mobile planetarium dome will heip you achieve your dream.

I believe that now most schools’ classroom is equipped with multimedia equipment, it makes teaching become lively. For example, we can use it to see education movies, in the entertainment at the same time to acquire knowledge. But at the same time we also found that, regardless of the curtain of the classroom is how thick, outdoor light will affect our watch effect, let the good film become dull. Also, when the family party, watching movies is a good choice. But when the population are excessively many, home small projection room is spacious enough for. Better a recreational activities to some people became endure hardships. So, it becomes unnecessary to hold the party. However, when we have mobile planetarium dome, all these problems will no longer be the problem.

Mobile planetarium dome is made by anti-stretch fabric material, which made the dome be fireproof and durable. The dome can be set up in 15 minutes. The inner of the dome is Special coated which is special for planetarium's display. The air in the dome can exchange with the air outside any time .The installment is very convenient, so long as open the dome, turn on the air blower and the air curtain connection, the dome can be installed in 15 minutes. The size and color can be different according to customers’ requirements. No matter how hard, we will try our best to achieve the goal. For example, the dome showed in the picture is the ordinary one. Its size is 5m ~8m diam, or as per custom size and the color is dark blue. Dark one can be provided by us too. It is 85cm*50cm*50cm when it is packed and 8mL*8mW*5mH when it is full of air. Material is suitable for movie showing. That is to say the dome not only can prevent outdoor light into the room with the maximum, but also has enough space for a group of people to enjoy. Imagining that, when school, family or company hold a outdoor party, when people want to have a rest and enjoy a movie together, nothing can provide a big enough space for such a group of people to watch the movie in good condition with a short time except our dome.

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