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The Best Selling inflatable Outdoor Tents

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-8-18 13:27:19
In the Yolloy online store, you can buy different inflatable tents. The following tents are the best selling inflatable tents:

Big Inflatable Tunnel Tent

Finally, our fifth inflatable tent for today is an inflatable tunnel tent. This huge, spacious tent can be used for different occasions and in many different places. It has a lot of space, so you may use it for children's parties, or at some sophisticated locations, such as the courtyard of the Museum, airports (as a working station for the aircraft), and the like. It will always be up to the task. Also, it may be used as a garage (actually as an outdoor shelter) for your car, or as a goods shed where you can accommodate everything and anything. This tunnel tent is quite simple to install and maintain. It is open on both sides, so you will always have a fresh air because the air can circulate through it unhindered. There is a wide range of tunnel tents today, and they are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

                                              Large inflatable event tent

Large air building for big event

If you want to have a structure for many different functions, then this inflatable dome tent is right for you. Also, you can rent this large tent to other people for weddings, some important events, various business functions, etc. Yes, it is perfect for rental business, too. One of the main benefits of this kind of inflatable structures is that they are able to maintain their structure in all conditions due to the little differences in atmospheric pressure. Moreover, these tents may be equipped with air conditioning or heating systems in order to provide greater comfort to the users. Another big advantage of these tents is their high quality.

                                              large air building for big event

Large inflatable tennis court

Here's one large inflatable tent which is suitable for tennis as well as for other sport activities. Why to spend money on the tennis courts (they are usually very costly to lease), when you can have your own place for tennis. Of course, for such a big structure you must have an appropriate electric pump to inflate it, and enough big space to install this tent. It has one big advantage compared to open tennis courts – you can play tennis even it it rains or during other bad weather conditions. You do not have to stop the game during the poor weather, because the raindrops cannot disrupt your match inside the tent. This dome tent can be used for both outdoor and indoor sports, so it is a perfect solution for all athletes. Just to mention that it is quite simply to assemble (inflate, set up and install) and disassemble this large tent, and its maintenance is also cushy job and just periodically. Its specific structure fits all requirements of playing. In addition to sport activities, this dome tent may be used for other purposes due to its multifunctionality. Thus, you can use it for art exhibitions, for some important events or as an emergency structure.

                                               large inflatable tennis court

Are you interested in these tents? You can find these five as well as a lot of other beautiful inflatable large tents here: http://www.yolloy.net/Outdoor-Inflatable-Tents/.