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Spring break equipment banana boat for 3 person

Author: Date:2014-3-3 12:51:08

We often see the scene described as below in the movie: a explore team got into the forest to find some mysterious fortune and met with danger, then, they cut down a big trunk and ride on it, using the trunk as a cruise to get rid of the emergency. Always the shape of the trunk is like a big pencil or like a banana. If you want to experience the excitement and the thrill of the characters in the films, I strongly suggest you the inflatable banana boat!

Just as its name suggests, this kind of inflatable boat is made like a banana which is long and wild enough for three people to ride on. The material to make this inflatable banana boat is PVC, which is thick enough to hold three people at the same time and can be very stable. As the forepart of the banana boat is cuspidal, the water resistant for the boat to move award is small, which ensure the boat can move as fast as the wave can carry. On the back of the banana boat, there are a few handle, which can be hold tight to avoid falling down from the boat. The bottom of the boat is wild enough to let the whole boat float on the water.

This boat is inflatable and when it is deflated, it can be easily folded up. So, in the summer, you can bring this inflatable boat to the beach and within a few minute, you can inflate it and put it into the sea to enjoy your special voyage.

We often read in novels that the hero and heroine were caught into a marine peril, but they were always lucky to get a big trunk of wood to escape from the sharks or the votex. With this inflatable banana boat, you can go through the adventure of controlling a small piece of wood to overcome all the difficulties on the sea. It will give you the true feeling of being an explorer or a seaman who is in trouble.

The shape of this inflatable banana boat is very vivid and the color of the boat is fresh which makes the banana look like a real one and add to the fun of playing with this.

We also have other shape of inflatable boat for you to choose, each kind of the boat is very graceful, playful and wonderful. You can have a see on our website.