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Reason for you to choose our inflatable dome tent

Author:yolloy inflatable dome Date:2018-11-6 11:59:16
Different types of inflatable dome tents are being applied to different occasions. You may be confused about the following questions like: are the inflatable dome tents durable for a long period of using? Can the inflatable dome tent be used in bad weather, even when it is windy or cold? Can a large number of people stay in the tents at the same time? Is it waterproof or fire retardant?  
Our answer to all the above questions is YES. As an ambitious and famous manufacturing factory, we have majored in this field of producing inflatable products for more than ten years.  We take all the details into consideration and we would try our best to solve all the problems that may occur to the inflatable tent. I would like to discuss the following question in order that you can make your correct decision when purchasing an inflatable dome tent.

When manufacturing inflatable dome tent, we use to put safety on the first place, which is engraved in every workers’ mind. To make sure the safety of the inflatable dome tent, the key point lies in the materials used. All the materials we used are made of fire-retardant material, which is also waterproof, wind tight and damp proof. Our material is in accordance with international standards. For fear of any possible accidents, we urge that users no smoking in the tent, or put the tents too close to fire or any other area with high temperature.

Some of the inflatable tents do not need to be fixed, but others are attached to the ground by ropes and pegs. You don’t have to worry about the capability of it, because by the use of ropes secured with pegs driven into the ground, it won’t be blown away easily unless the conditions is real utmost. And the totally sealed inflatable dome tents can be used in cold weather. Because its double-layer is filled with air, which preserves heat quite well. When emergency occurs, this kind of tent is actually your best choice to provide the wounded first aids. And this kind of inflatable dome tent have both small and large sizes, ranging from holding one person to about two hundred people. Smaller ones are easier to be carried for a long distance as backpack tent.
Finally, I believe that everyone knows that inflatable dome tents is very convenient to set up and take down. Just find a large enough space, the blower motor will make the tent stand up automatically.

I hope you will be satisfied with our products!