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Party inflatable marquee, shelter tent for sports events

Author:inflatable shelter tent Date:2013-10-10 15:39:45

Modern society is attaching more and more importance to sports. Each year, all kinds of sports meet are held all around the country. We know that whenever a big event is appointed to a country, the country will set up to build a new stadium. But what if an enterprise or an organization wants to hold a sports meet? It is obvious that it is not realistic to ask them to build a stadium. At the same time, renting a stadium may also require for a huge sums of money. So, in order to wipe out their worries, here we provide another method, that is to set up an inflatable tent!

Look at the picture, you may be amazed by its modern shape. It is just like a stadium made of steel and concrete. This kind of tent is called party inflatable marquee, shelter tent for sports events.

Thanks to its white and grey color, this shelter tent looks very beautiful. It give people an illusion that they are in a real stadium. Its structure is very easy. The inflatable marquee can cover a big area and make it a space for sports events. With this inflatable marquee, the sports meet can be held regardless of the weather condition. As the material we use is both watertight and windproof, as long as it is fixed to the ground tightly enough, it can resist the bad weather and ensure that your sports meet can be held on time.

There are two entrances on both sides of the marquee. People can enter the sport space from there. At the same time, the sunshine can also get in, the inflatable shelter will create a cool and bright room for any competition.

With this inflatable marquee, the atmosphere will be more enthusiastic. People love to enjoy the game in a relatively closed area, which makes the game look fiercer. Also, in the comfortable environment the athletes can give play to their best and the audience can enjoy the game more freely. It is also easier to create a better condition.

Of course, despite of sports events, this kind of inflatable shelter can also be applied to exhibitions or any other large events. It can meet all your requirements because of its alternativeness and convenience. If you work for an enterprise or a school and is responsible for the sports meet, don’t be hesitate to contact us and solve your problem easily!